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  1. More Salah was right there, guys
  2. you can transfer it to the steam version but expecting sony to manage something between their own systems is a stretch i guess
  3. Has anyone seen any info about whether Persona 4 Golden will let you share your save data from the Vita and whether P5R will have an upgrade for PS4 owners? I tried googling anything about save files, trophies, stuff like that but it all seems light on info. I don't care about trophies that much but if they were the same, it'd be a good indicator that save data should be compatible across platforms. Otherwise I don't know if I can be fucked starting from scratch on both when I already plan on getting them all on Switch...
  4. That's got to be a bit. Then again, we did get "y can't Metroid crawl"
  5. I remember when I was waiting for RAM prices to drop cos they were £100 too high
  6. For the very first time Atlus didn't do something brain dead so I'm expecting something brain dead to be revealed later like no JP dub or something.
  7. I'm pretty sure it was piss poor management in behalf of Sega and Konami that killed their golden age, with a slice of unrealistic expectations from Capcom as well.
  8. I'd be surprised if they bothered their arsed to port P5R when Soul Hackers 2 seems absent (for the time being).
  9. I don't really play mobile games much these days partly because I got bored of timers and gacha mechanics popping up but mostly because I'm rarely in a situation where I'd choose to play a mobile game. I drive a lot so commute time is out and usually when I travel I'll have my Switch with me. There are some lovely games on mobile but I'd just rather play with physical controls on a gadget that has a separate battery to my phone. Having said all that, if I'm in a bind I might dip into a puzzle game while I have a few minutes to kill. I just haven't got the patience for persistent mobile gaming.
  10. I wouldn't simply because there are already enough social links to keep track of in one game to manage 3 sets plus all the other calendar sensitive events.
  11. SMD

    Nintendo Switch

    Just to add its on Xbox, PlayStation and Steam too
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