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  1. SMD

    Nintendo Switch eShop

    Don't worry, it doesn't go live until next weekend anyway
  2. SMD

    Nintendo Switch

    Could just hold down one of the shoulder buttons and use the right stick?
  3. Both those machines were superseded by consoles that represented a big jump forward. PS3 -> PS4? Not so much. The longer they wait, the better the next machines will be. A 2019 release would be weak sauce.
  4. I just don't get why people are willing to throw away what little control they have over their library. No reselling, content can be taken away as developers and publishers see fit, always have to be online, no possibility of retro gaming in the future, it's like saying get rid of DVDs, VHS, Blurays and anything else since we have Netflix anyway. Netflix is a good way to consume entertainment but it's not exactly the best way to be an enthusiast. And if you're going the streaming route then you might as well kiss goodbye to anything with higher fidelity than a Switch for the majority.
  5. Enjoy when your internet goes down or their servers are borked, I guess.
  6. This is a terrible idea and you'd kiss goodbye to having any kind of control over your games.
  7. If you've spent thousands of pounds on games on a platform, when the next system supports it then you're less likely to go 'fuck it' and toss it all aside to buy the competitor.
  8. SMD

    PES 2019

    Bring back scenario mode
  9. It might stop working in a decade though. I had to get my PS3 fixed recently and any older, might not have been able to do that. If the PS4 had PS3 BC I wouldn't have bothered or needed to.
  10. Eh? Loads of people use BC on Xbox and one of the biggest reasons I switched from MS to Sony as my main machine is there wasn't anything tying me down to the Xbox One at the time. I've got a lot of PS4 games and if I can't take them with me to the PS5 then I'm free to pick whichever I want. It was a hard loss for Microsoft for most of this gen, I don't think Sony should ignore that lesson.
  11. No chance of the PS5 next year, I reckon most likely in 2020 and would be surprised if they pushed it back to 2021 unless Microsoft are happy to do the same. I think the next Xbox will come in 2 years so Sony won't want to give them that head start.
  12. SMD

    Nintendo Switch

    That's weird, is there anywhere that says you have a minimum period for logging in? What if you work offshore?
  13. SMD

    Football Thread 2017/18

    nah, look at Sanchez, he looks great

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