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  1. FIFA is fucking shite anyway, anything that might convince people to drop EA's predatory games is a plus. I doubt it'll dent it though, sadly. Be interesting to see what hot garbage the organisation will lend their name to, probably loads of mobile guff.
  2. There are no podcasts and people liked having avatars to race with. You sound like old guy yells at cloud.
  3. is there a full list of the IP in the transaction?
  4. Would love a 60fps patch.
  5. The first AC really suffered from a combination of being on PS360 and trying something that hadn't really been accomplished up until then - an open world historical Hitman simulator was such a big challenge (and stemming from a Prince of Persia concept) they should've really reduced the scope a lot more. I love the AC2 trilogy but yeah it's easy to see why they bit off more than they could chew. I think what AC is now and how Ubisoft make games means it's unlikely we'd ever get that kind of vision fulfilled. Would love to see it tackled again though.
  6. Cheers, do I need to sign up all over again or does it share info?
  7. is that nintendolife code still valid?
  8. what are the fictional politics please
  9. I've seen more average performances from Alonso than good and even when he played for Real and Bayern he was still limited in how he influenced a game compared to Thiago. No one is saying Thiago's not got fitness problems but his impact has been ridiculous, don't forget he's come to the Premier League as a 29 year old and adjusted to a high pressing style again. Alonso would die trying to play in Klopp's side.
  10. Alonso never dribbled past a player in his life.
  11. The in game encyclopedia is actually super useful and updates regularly.
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