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  1. I think it looks like utter, utter garbage. Exactly the sort of utter garbage I'll watch, mind you. But it doesn't look good.
  2. My opinion after a few months of QA on it was that it got pretty okay on the highest difficulty level but that graphically it was too shiny. Everything looked wet. On anything other than the highest difficulty it was garbage. I haven't ever had the slightest desire to play it again. Mind you, that's the same as any game I ever worked QA on.
  3. I watched the Superbowl live, but that was on the NFL app, not a broadcast channel. Over Christmas I watched The Goes Wrong Show special with the family. Before that I can't remember the last thing I watched live. Haven't had a virgin box in over a decade, and even when I did have one I barely used it. Streaming apps all the way.
  4. Grabbed it and have played a little. Not much, just up to the first bonfire analogue. It's... Okay. It clearly was massively influenced by Hollow Knight and Dark Souls and Zelda and Mario Sunshine but so far isn't a patch on any of them. I'm finding the movement imprecise, the combat frustrating and the level design annoying. I'll stick with it for a few more hours for research, but so far it's just making me want to play the games it's been inspired by (maybe not Sunshine).
  5. Scribblor

    NFL 2020!

    Alright, I'm done. Even if the Chiefs score it's still a three possession game. They aren't winning this.
  6. Scribblor

    NFL 2020!

    I'm considering sacking off the fourth quarter. If I do, that historically means a comeback is on the cards. But what if I keep watching? I'm so torn.
  7. Scribblor

    NFL 2020!

    Has the superbowl been losing viewers? All the Nickelodeon stuff feels like they're desperately looking for a young audience, and although I'd be the first to admit I'm out of touch with pop culture, The Weeknd seems like it's aimed at a younger crowd than the usual act.
  8. Scribblor

    NFL 2020!

    It's still early, but so far this is looking ever so Bucs.
  9. Scribblor

    NFL 2020!

    Brady's a dick, but he is GOAT. Go Chiefs!
  10. I love Dark Souls and Hollow Knight, and I'm definitely going to get this. I'll pick it up on Switch, probably tonight. Slightly hesitant because it looks like the kind of game that'll launch on Game Pass where I could play it for 'free', but it's not out on Xbox for a while. Also, fiendish platforming isn't really my jam. I'm far more story driven and this hasn't really had story mentioned as a positive in anything I've read or seen about it. But I want to play it ASAP and I can justify it for work. so I reckon Switch it is!
  11. She was directly involved with development then. In my experience she'd probably have been less hands on, but she wouldn't have been just twiddling her thumbs. She'd have been a combination of manager and creative director and quite an annoying presence for the rest of the devs who'd have wished she'd just have left them alone to make the game.
  12. What was her job title? I've worked on games that have been cancelled midway through development and believe me, no-one at the studio was "doing nothing". It's soul destroying when it happens, feels like you've just wasted a year or more of your life.
  13. I think it was the extra fanservice callbacks that didn't really impress me in this episode, and I know I'll be in the minority on this. It just felt like needless pandering. "Remember Captain Marvel's best friend? Well her daughter is actually Geraldine! Gasp!" "Remember the FBI agent from that Ant Man film? He's in this! And he's doing that card trick!" "Remember whatsherface from the first two Thor films? She's in this too!" It doesn't add anything. There's no reason for them to be there other than to link it to other Marvel properties and to give fanboys a
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