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  1. Up above the streets and houses by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr
  2. A few photos from my phone, edited (perhaps over-edited) in Snapseed. I was out taking photos of the windmill on film, but decided to take a few shots with my new phone to see how it fared (and because it has a wider-angle lens than my 60 year old Zeiss folder!). While they don't really stand up to close scrutiny, they're not too bad. North Leverton windmill by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr North Leverton windmill by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr North Leverton windmill by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr
  3. FishyFish

    Ad Astra

    A few things that idly popped into my head when I watched it a couple of weeks ago...
  4. Well done Amazon for putting massive spoilers in the episode synopses for Hanna season 2.
  5. I'll be approaching 60! I'll be a fully paid up grumpy git by then.* * Who am I kidding. I already am.
  6. Hearing the American pronunciation of "warrior" is the one that always gets to me. Wahioh Who needs r's anyway?
  7. It’s TV, not film, but... “Forgive me, but you’ve got shit shoes on you shitty shoe bastard.”
  8. I’ve had a couple of lenses from them with no problems. I also ordered a camera bag and received the wrong one, but they refunded me the full cost, including return shipping, without any issues. I’d happily use them again.
  9. Here're some gates I've photographed recently with my Yashica Mat 124G. The first one is my favourite though. Gateway to yonder by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr Gate by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr Held together with twine by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr Gate in the sunshine by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr
  10. That gives me a bit of a Super Mario Sunshine vibe. Maybe it's the bouncing on a tightrope bit, or the sunny locations. Maybe the void-alike looking bits.
  11. The PS5 is apparently the dogs bollocks at rendering video compression artefacts.
  12. Both seasons can be found in the “recently added” section of Boxsets on Sky.
  13. I watched this last night and thought it was awful. It felt like some sort of self-indulgent private joke that I wasn't party to. I've not seen any of Jim Jarmusch's other work, so perhaps it's something that you'll love if you're a fan (or perhaps it's not representive of his other movies?), but it left me cold. Apart from a single line from Steve Buscemi's character, I didn't so much as chuckle. The story line (insofar as there is one) goes nowhere, and most of the characters and the things they do seem completely pointless. It looks nice though, and I did like the laid back off-kilter soundtrack. 2 brainzzzz out of 5
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