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  1. Performance is off for me too. I'm back to the situation of several months back where I'm being insta-killed by pistols, shot around corners or hit by impossible shots.
  2. The World Trade Center Memorial site. This is the reflecting pool that covers the area where the south tower once stood. WTC Memorial by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr
  3. The new Outpost mode is really good fun. It’s only on Arras and Mercury, but both play very well and feel different from each other. It’d make a good permanent addition to the game and would work well on other maps too.
  4. A few from New York - first three on Kodak Portra 400, the rest on Kodak Ektar. All shot with my Zeiss Mess-Ikonta 524/16. I wish I'd taken my proper light meter with me rather than using the phone app. The app gave me some settings that seemed off at times and I used slower shutter speeds than I'd have liked. As a result, some of my shots with the Zeiss (not so much these here though) are a little soft due to camera shake. FILM - North up 10th Avenue by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr FILM - Walking the High Line by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr FILM - 10th & 23rd by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr FILM - North on 8th Avenue by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr FILM - Just do it by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr FILM - Mean Girls by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr
  5. Jersey City skyline by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr
  6. I've got a whole load of photos from our recent trip to NYC, but I've barely looked at the digital shots yet while I'm going through the film stuff. Here's one from the Lumix GX7 though. FILM - On a corner in Chelsea by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr
  7. It's impressive to see how far enemy AI has progressed in the nearly 20 years since HALO: Combat Evolved released. Just look at the stunning "run at the enemy or wait your turn to fight" routine used at this point in the video:
  8. Let's hope the series features one of the kids having a baby dinosaur as a pet, maybe called Steggy or something, and every episode will end with Steggy doing something cute and funny while the kids all laugh happily together. And some people being bitten in half.
  9. FishyFish

    Ad Astra

    Yeah, I watched about the first third of the trailer, decided it was something I'd like to see, and then switched it off before it gave anything else away.
  10. The bit where they smash up Mothra's dad's car is way better in this one.
  11. Plus the fact that images are inverted when projected onto the film (they're only the right way up when looking through the viewfinder because of the prism in the camera), so the section of the film where those streaks appear would have been at the top of the camera body when the shot was taken. <applies for a job on Mythbusters..>
  12. I don't think that's caused by radiation - it's almost certainly bromide drag resulting from improper development of the film. Those streaks correspond with the sprocket holes on the 35mm film frame. See this Google Images search for loads more examples.
  13. “No, I am your father. And you’re going to get a piece of my mind for flytipping again. You’re not to play with Han any more, he’s a bad influence.”
  14. A few from my recent NYC trip. These were all shot on a 1990s 35mm compact using Ilford HP5+. FILM - Rainy Times by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr FILM - Detective Pikachu by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr FILM - 7th Avenue by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr FILM - Stars and Stripes and empty seats by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr FILM - Crossing 42nd Street by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr FILM - Carrying lunch through Times Square in the rain by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr
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