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  1. Yep, I didn't pick up on that. Thanks.
  2. Where did you get the bit about it being ? I might’ve missed that bit. Excellent opener though. I wonder where Is?
  3. No. S2 will be aired at the same pace as the US. S1 box set is available though.
  4. The first series is well though of, the second not as much. There's a BBC DVD containing both series, but it's getting scarce (unless you're willing to pay silly money). Clearly the title sequence designer had played Berserk.
  5. I’d prefer her in a remake of Richard Griffiths starring 1980s BBC cyber-thriller Bird of Prey. Just a feeble excuse use to post one of my favourite ever opening sequences.
  6. The Walking Dead!

  7. The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    FILM - An elephant at the door by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr
  8. Rm9sbG93ZXJz is amazing, although it might be a bit Marmite.
  9. I'd forgotten what a beautiful piece of music the Dr. Ford piece is. From 2:15 it becomes a thing of utter wonder.
  10. De Niro

    One the most oddly tense films I've watched was Awakenings, starring DeNiro and Robin Williams. DeNiro plays a man awoken from long-term catatonia by the administration of a drug by Williams. It's a gentle film and DeNiro's character is not in any way violent but, thanks to his roles in a variety of Scorsese gangster classics, I spent the entire film with a forbidding sense that he was going to go apeshit and cave someones face in with a walking stick or something.
  11. There was a programme on Sky Atlantic the other night: Westworld: The story so far. I was going to watch it as a refresher before season 2 begins but then thought, "Bollocks. I'll just watch the whole thing again." and started on episode 1.
  12. Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    You photograph cars though, and a polariser would cut glare and reflections on things like windscreens etc. allowing you to see into the car instead of seeing reflections of the surroundings, or cut glare on paintwork to add contrast and colour.
  13. Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    You can't replicate the polaristion effect in software - while you can use software to boost the saturation and mimic that effect, you can't use it to remove glare and reflections once they're captured in the image. Even if you've no desire to use any other type of filter, I'd definitely recommend having a polariser. As for grads, you could bracket images and then blend them afterwards in order to get more detail in brighter areas, but if this isn't possible (e.g. handheld shots or the primary subject is moving) then an ND grad filter will retain more detail in the original shot. You can probably still recover detail from a RAW file even without a grad filter being used, but it depends on the overall difference in brightness across the screen. Using an ND filter on camera will mean you get that additional data in the first place. Also, using the grad filters in Lightroom / Photoshop can introduce extra noise. You can replicate long exposure shots taken with grad filters in Photoshop by taking multiple images and then stacking them, evening out the image for a very similar result, e.g.
  14. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2018/apr/04/indiana-jones-joan-woman-steven-spielberg-harrison-ford Or just call it "Tomb Raider" or something like that... I don't have anything against the series being spun out into a new character if it's done right, and don't have the problem with the lead being female, but I think I'll wait and see how Ford's final outing plays out before I get my hopes up.
  15. Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    Pretty much, but I don't think they're really worth it even for that. I used to use them for that reason, but have stopped now - I once took a long exposure night scene shot with a cheap UV filter on the lens and there were so many flares it looked like an alien invasion!

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