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  1. The Public Works option for the [Dream Suite] is triggered by meeting the following three requirements: 1) Seven days have passed since amassing 100 mayoral points. 2) At least one Public Work has been completed. 3) You've connected to the Internet at least once. Find and speak to [Isabelle] while napping to make the option appear
  2. I've had that sitting on the shelf for years now!
  3. And there’s no option to back it up to the sd card, then you are right, you can’t back it up.
  4. I just copied the SD card to my laptop, I then moved the copy over to a 64 Gb card and that new card has worked fine. All I did was unscrew the back of my New 3DS XL, removed the SD card. There's also a transfer via wifi which you can find in the 3ds settings, but that was unbearably slow.
  5. I just backed up my Animal Crossing New Leaf.
  6. It's actually quite straightforward to back up the SD card in the New 3DS XL, done that and upgraded it to 64 Gb. I now have my Animal Crossing backed up! Phewwwww....
  7. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/animal-crossing-music/fcedlaimpcfgpnfdgjbmmfibkklpioop?hl=en
  8. There's a wifi sd management feature, I've not tried that though.
  9. I guess you've all got the Animal Crossing Google Chrome extension?
  10. Oh my! Is there any way to back up the sd card?
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