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  1. Uxorious

    Edge #327 | Nintendo

    Yes, just phoned them up and they've sorted it for me.
  2. Uxorious

    PS1 Appreciation Thread

    Circuit Breakers is brilliant fun!
  3. Uxorious

    Dark Souls Remastered

    It just gives you summon to do.
  4. Uxorious

    Daredevil - TV Series

    Just finished this, absolutely wonderful!
  5. Uxorious

    Goodbye Games TM (and Gamesmaster)

    Sad news this. I've bought every issue and look forward to my subscription arriving each month! I'm not sure if it is in part nostalgia, but I love reading about games / game development in a printed magazine; arriving home to find the latest edition waiting at home, sitting amongst all the other post.
  6. Uxorious

    PS1 Appreciation Thread

    Loved Vagrant Story!!
  7. Uxorious

    Collectorabilia - 29 SEP LEEDS

    This was fun!
  8. Uxorious

    Collectorabilia - 29 SEP LEEDS

    Anyone from here going to this. It's in Leeds in just under two weeks. Very near to the Leeds train station so quite easy to get to.
  9. Uxorious

    Shenmue 1&2

  10. Uxorious

    Collectorabilia - 29 SEP LEEDS

    I think I'll go to this!
  11. Uxorious

    Dark Souls Remastered

    Started the remastered version, that'll be my fourth play through then... Love this game. (Only your fourth I hear some say! Amateur!)
  12. Uxorious

    Dark Souls Remastered

  13. Uxorious

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Me too!
  14. Uxorious

    Xbox One X

    We're all here for you in this difficult time.
  15. Uxorious

    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Nook goes mobile

    My ID is 3979 8642 823

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