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  1. I bought these adapters from ebay to use with my chromecast, you get both orientations for less than 3 quid, good quality and work well if you still need one. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-90-270-Degree-Right-Angle-Angled-HDMI-Male-to-Female-Adapter-Connector-Cable-/151790013063
  2. I'm waiting for this to drop in a price a bit but I played the original a couple of weeks back, it's an incredible game and the graphics are just perfect, I enjoyed it a lot more second time around. It's a shame it's not on steam so I will have to pick it up on Xbox one. Origin has yet to infest my PC.
  3. I bought a Oculus DK2 when they were out. I think one of the first things I looked at rather than the config screen was the Tuscany demo. Looking around was amazing, when I started to move however I had to close my eyes or remove the headset completely as it did make me feel unwell. However, as most people say it is something you do adjust to and I had no problems after a short time. If you only try these things out for a short time I can see why some people write it off. The screen door effect didn't bother me too much but the screen did seem a little washed out but I do think VR is now
  4. One of my videos here for the game EverQuest 2. This boss character was never intended to be killed as he is an important part of the story, if you attacked you would be dead in one shot. However with the expansions and new gear it was finally possible not to die right away, likely something they never thought about. There is more info in the video description but I managed to play 2 copies of the game on the same PC for damage and heals and after 35 straight minutes (shit loads of health)I finally got him down, he drops level 50 loot (I'm level 100) as I guess they never bothered
  5. I ran the SteamVR tool last night, happy enough but could overclock a bit further yet. It seems to run in a window for me and the GPU never seems to boost to the full 1501MHz I have it set at currently, not sure if that is full screen related but happy enough for now.
  6. My pics would be... Dear Esther - Fairly short but I find myself revisiting this Grey Matter - Point and click game Homesick - Very slow paced but good graphics and interesting puzzles Lifeless Planet - Fun puzzles and good sense of scale with the enviornments MIND - Path to thalmus - Haven't finished this yet but I like it so far.
  7. I have a 250GB one but tried to go to a 300 and it would not have it, I think that is more related to some drives work, some won't rather than a limit as I think you can go larger. Remember to get an IDE hard disk, I think you can go SATA but have to deal with converters and there may not be enough space.
  8. I have this on gamecube but never really played it beyond the first few screens as I didn't have a memory card, it was one of those things I would get round to playing some day but never did. As it was released on steam I thought I would give it a go as it was reasonably priced, interesting to see that the install was only about 12GB as opposed to something ridiculous like 45+ of the first game, no idea what used all that space. Anyway, graphics good, cut scenes a bit ropey on quality but seems ok and I started to play. Does this not have item lockers like the first game? I couldn't find any,
  9. I couldn't decide which to pre-order, I thought I would go back and cancel one when I had decided...too late!. For the money it's great, the PC version was about 5 quid cheaper so will probably keep that sealed and I have finished it digitally already. The picture book is ok but it would have been nice if it could have had a few more pages to it.
  10. I was F5ing like the rest of you but i'm not paying that price, I'll see how the HTC ends up. Me and another guy in the office were going to buy one if it was £300 or at a push £350 but that's pretty mental pricing.
  11. I bought Shining the Holy ark again, cost me £70 though, but great to play it again. I also picked up (yes picked up, I’ll call it what the fuck I want thanks very much) a sealed Japanese release of the game and Shining Force 3. I sold my official UK release of Shining force 3 for over £100 and bought a sealed new Japanese copy for £15, happy with that, I never liked 3 as much as ark. I might buy the official STHA guide at some point for the excellent artwork. Also bought a lot of the Saturn games I used to own again, I really hate the crappy cardboard boxes early games came in so all of thes
  12. South Park stick of truth - Amazing game but there's this bit a little way in where Randy Marsh teaches you how to use the sneaky squeeker. Theres an on screen display of the 2 analogue sticks and I swear I copy it exactly yet never managed to do it. If you fail you have to sit through the tutorial again. I must have sat through it 30 times and eventually thought ah fuck it, can't be bothered.
  13. I work in an IT office so it's cool. My personal netbook is next to me downloading steam games at the moment. The guy next to me has a Wii and likes his gaming old school and has a hacked PSP, playing chrono trigger or some other RPG at the moment. Anther guy in the office is big on PC gaming and we chat about the latest humble bundle or bargains.to be had, we both bought oculus rifts. Other guy has a PS4 and was looking forward to the weekend a while ago when his girlfriend was out so he could stay in and play metal gear. Our resident polish guy also has a hacked PSP he plays on, mostly FIFA
  14. Nice find, I pre ordered on XBox and PC It will only let you do one pre order at a time so had to do 2 transactions.
  15. My picks would be... Fighters Megamix Exhumed Shining the holy ark / Shining force 3 Parodious Da
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