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  1. Isnt some of what you say not possible until you beat biome 1? Finally had a proper go of this after being laid low by vaccine side effects all weekend. I got the Biome 1 boss down to his third phase and then died rather quickly.
  2. Holy shit. The finale is the best thing ive seen this year. Cant wait for season 2.
  3. The only ones who can play the game are those that just spent £450 on a console that was like rocking horse shit to buy.
  4. Ive pissed way over £70 against a wall on a night out. £70 for a good quality game isnt too bad in my opinion. I spent over £100 on Tarkov and have 1000 hours in it. If I spend 70 hours on Returnal then thats fantastic value for money. Dont see the problem myself.
  5. And they will still finish third.
  6. Roy Hodgson most likely to be on mute when trying to speak.
  7. Is it me or did they say too much about the plot.
  8. I picked this game up after reading the praise for it on Restera. Not played a game in this genre before so I went into it expecting to be let down. What i played was one of the best stories in a game and a joy from start to finish. I cant recommend it enough.
  9. Got the platinum on this last night. I never chase 100% completion, but this game world was a joy to experience.
  10. My wife is watching the dog grooming one. The groomer our dog goes to won the show tonight. Prices better not go up
  11. Get onto Watchdog. That's awful customer service from Sony and they should be held accountable.
  12. I had decided to go to bed at 11pm, but my dog is being a dick and wont go to bed. I think he just wanted to know what Secret Santa had brought us. Thank you very much to my generous Santa. I got Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and DLC Untitled Goose Game World of Horror. Merry Christmas all
  13. Tetris Effect in Vr is one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. When it clicks and you get in the zone it's like a religious experience.
  14. Playing through Days Gone, its brilliant and despite its length hasn't out stayed its welcome.
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