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  1. For those outside the Discord group - if you link your EFT account to your Twitch account and watch the Battlestate games stream from 6pm tonight you could get some drops. I got a load of great drops from the event over xmas.
  2. The cost of getting it up and running is insane now. The intelligence folders are around 250k each.
  3. I was still chuckling to myself this morning that we extracted quickly last night because you thought I said I had picked up a Paracord worth £185k when in fact i had picked up a powercord worth £15k. I thought we were extracting because you had the keycard. Was totally worth it to see the friendly scavs at the exit though.
  4. This game needs a Hideout companion app so I can make stuff in work.
  5. The game also goes on sale a few times year so you can upgrade at a discount should you wish.
  6. Basic version is fine, you can upgrade anytime
  7. Some good runs last night. The game kicks you in the nuts sp hard and so often that the euphoria that comes with the smallest of successes makes it all worth while. Cant think of a time a game got its hooks into me this much.
  8. I did a scav run last night. I spawned in and was immediately shot in the back of the head. Good times.
  9. Ohh nice. Yeah they really need to look at servers, they are going down far more frequently.
  10. I'd like to say its going to be the last time i shoot you in the back.....
  11. Been watching Sacriels stream today. He gave a great tip. Loot and pick up everything, drop the stuff you dont want. You will gain the loot xp for your character. When you level that to 50 you can search two things at once. For example a backpack and a rig.
  12. Polygon have taken down their EFT guide after being rinsed by the community lol
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