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  1. A cynic would day he had plenty of time considering the film itself simply consists of about a billion edits.
  2. McCoy

    Just Cause 4. - December 4th

    I must admit. I'd have thought a safer realistic time frame would be to do a Far Cry 5 and come out in the Spring...
  3. McCoy

    Just Cause 4. - December 4th

    Wow. That's coming out soon. Just Cause 3 was an excellent idea but flawed in its final execution. If they can build on the many successes of Just Cause 3 and refine and improve the problems this could be something special. Off the top of my head, I want a more interesting location to explore and better missions.
  4. In fairness, these series could be set prior to Infinity War.
  5. All games take too long to get to the fun stuff. I have, as most people surely do, a big pile of unplayed games. Half the reason the games are unplayed is because I know most of them will take a good hour/two hours to get into the game and start having fun. Developers, please, just allow players to start the game straight away. I don't need an immediate load of story/clunky exposition, I don't need to learn to look around using the right stick, I've played games before. Don't lock all the fun away until I've had to grind for hours to get some good weapons and items just to create a sense of progression. I'll just give up. Just chuck me in at the fun part and let me get going. Create a separate practice/tutorial mode for anyone who wants to practice or is unsure about the controls. Hell, create a separate story subsection for anyone who wants to know what your developers who are moonlighting as Hollywood script writers have come up with. After the game has been out for 6-12 months, if it has an unlockable mission structure just release a free bit of DLC that unlocks the whole game. I've paid for it, if I want to skip the a specific level then that should be my decision. I'm sure no developer wants their game to be stuck on the pile of games waiting to be played - help by making it quick to get into the game - no long unskippable cinematics or deathly boring training sections, and don't pad out the fun to make the game longer. It you've created a fun game, put it front and centre when you start the game.
  6. Surely that is a normal view. Great games, but whoever designed the console must have been having a really off day. Nintendo, just port all the Wii U games to the switch for £20 a piece and let's collectively forget about the Wii U.
  7. McCoy

    Nintendo Switch

    Their archive would work much better as a game pass type subscription service. Asking people to purchase old games is very different to offering a subscription package with all the old games in.
  8. McCoy

    Nintendo Switch

    Honestly. Bloody NES games. Does anyone really give a shit? Come on Nintendo, Snes, N64, Gamecube etc. You could be offering so much more.
  9. Yes, I do not know why they seem to think Craig needs a farewell movie. Spectre provided as much closure to that incarnation of the character as was needed. If they want continuity they should just do it by actors. So Craig can have continuity with Craig films but the next actor resets it and only has continuity with themselves. You can still tell personal and long form stories (like the MI series which has had the Cruise relationship interspersed between a few films) whilst having a easy wipe every ten years or so.
  10. McCoy

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    I think I'll skip the demo as well. The release is only a few weeks away, I'm getting anyway because of Gamepass so I may as well wait for the full thing. The gaming pile of shame isn't getting any smaller anyway.
  11. McCoy

    Forgotten bangers

    Yeah, not sure it's ever really been forgotten but a classic anyway. Surely Rare could update it for the modern age....
  12. I imagine Guardians 3 will happen at some point. Perhaps just not when it was intended to. They may also have to retool it depending of if certain actors refuse to return.
  13. Yeah, this was on of those moments which acts like it would in real life. I too never found the hut, never thought to do anything with chillies (because in real life Chillies wouldn't actually keep you warm, I assume) but thought I'd try whether a burning torch would keep me warm, which it did. Video game logic can always be a bit hit and miss but that bit used real world logic to great effect.
  14. McCoy

    Forgotten bangers

    Ooh, I had no idea. I wonder if it is decent...
  15. McCoy

    Forgotten bangers

    Was a really fun game at the time, particularly the multiplayer skirmish mode.

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