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  1. I'm still amazed that Starfleet let the Discovery crew keep hold of Discovery. Sure, keep Stamets if you need him to use the spore drive but replace the crew with competent officers from your own timeframe who know what they are dealing with. I'd argue this even if the Discovery crew were competent, which they are not seeing as it took them all of five minutes to lose the ship to Starfleet's main enemy. It's like William the Conqueror coming to 2021 and being tasked with negotiating with North Korea because he was responsible for winning the Battle of Hastings.
  2. I would like to see more options than the two standard options. The new MCU Wanda series seems to have a mystery at the heart of it, so why not drop an episode a day and play out the story that way. I definitely think there are more options available than all at once or once a week.
  3. Weird description, but season 6 is included for me on prime.
  4. There's nothing wrong with a bit of flying by the seat of the pants. Lots of great shows set up problems or plots they have no idea how to resolve. The difference is a good writer will be sensible in what they set up and also write a satisfactory answer and conclusion. Lost by all accounts....
  5. If you enjoy discussing a show a weekly roll out makes it easier. Star Trek Discovery is pretty shit but there was a good weekly discussion of each episode. If you just dump the whole lot, I think you tend to wait until you've seen it all before jumping into the thread to avoid spoilers. When shows drop all at once, there is often little discussion of specific episodes but more on the series as a whole.
  6. Is there a middle ground? Weekly does seem a bit old hat but all at once can be a bit overwhelming and the episodes tend to lose their individual identity. A two weekly, Friday and Tuesday release schedule would suit me fine. A spaced out approach does make you feel you can catch up on something if it is generating a lot of chat or buzz. You hear about a great new series, you can watch the first few episodes and then catch up with anyone else. All at once, by the time you've heard about it all all the episodes are out, people have moved on and spoilers become a proble
  7. McCoy

    Formula One - 2020

    Defo seems that once the season was done (which for Hamilton meant after he won the title) the drivers took the opportunity to let their hair down and hire some prostitutes.... 6 months of being really well behaved must have taken its toll!
  8. Maybe I need to give it another go. One point though is that 3 runs like a dream on the Series X. Just a shame it never had a 4K update.
  9. I wondered if that was the slight issue I have with it. It sounds weird but baking 12 cupcakes can, seemingly, lead to a good deal more variety than cooking a rack of ribs - or at least it is easier to show that variety through the medium of TV. You're told that there are all these different ways of cooking and smoking the ribs but I guess they tend to come out looking broadly the same anyway.
  10. Jammer Review which is a really good site written by one person but with comments section for each episode thankfully reaffirms the view that loads of other people hate Discovery too. It's not just us! https://www.jammersreviews.com/
  11. We're currently watching the American Barbecue Showdown on Netflix at the moment which is very similar to Bake Off format. The show is easy watching and entertaining enough, although very very American! My only issue with it is that it almost glosses over the finished product whereas we all know programmes like this are basically food porn. Bake off does a good job of keeping things moving whilst also still giving the actual food due time and attention. I defo enjoy these types of shows to a certain extent - they are easy viewing and during these times a
  12. McCoy

    Formula One - 2020

    Danny Ric 2011! That makes me feel old.
  13. Imagine that in a crisis situation. Warp 5, any heading. Let's fly.
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