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  1. McCoy

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    It was worth it before the other half downloaded Animal Crossing on the main switch. Now the poor Switch Lite never gets a look in and apparently we have to take the full fat switch with us when we, eventually, go on holiday so she can keep the island in order....
  2. Agreed. Neighbours is where the conversation should be at.
  3. Unless I missed the annoucement, Duke Nukem 64 has crept onto the eShop. Anyone brave enough to have taken the plunge? £3.99 for a limited time. https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Duke-Nukem-3D-20th-Anniversary-World-Tour-1797067.html
  4. Excellent news. One of the best racing games ever made. Hopefully we can get some online games going again.
  5. I've been pondering the patreon. What's the main difference between those versions and the free versions?
  6. Its such a shame too. It is getting good reviews and I'd have been day one digital for £20. £45 though!
  7. I think the better question is if you loved the last few Star Trek things are you a Star Trek fan.
  8. I think we've already managed to fuck the poll! 10 people will apparently buy them if they are priced between £350-£400 but only 7 people will buy them if they are priced cheaper than that. Presumably three people think if they are priced at £300 they will be so shit as to not being worth buying!
  9. I think you can extend this problem to the entire industry really. It's incredibly hard to create an entirely new franchise. Hence why it is reboots and adaptions of exiting interluctual properties. I'm struggling to think of the last franchise or IP that was successfully created? Horror does sequels quite a lot but few are mega money successes and a lot of them are also tied into existing properties (IT for example). I'm honestly struggling to think of a entirely new franchise that was created from nothing in the past 5 years. John Wick is the closest I'm getting.
  10. Any connection to Star Wars Rogue Squadron do we think? A collection of the three games in the series has long been a rumour.
  11. Yes, I think a cull could be on the horizon. I enjoy superhero shows but the current crop are all quite similar, apart from Legends which is great. I've not seen Batwomen yet. I also think they struggle with the 22 episode seasons. I'd also be up for keeping them all about but cutting them down to 10 eps a season and showing them throughout the year. On any given week you could have the Flash, Batwomen, Legends, Supergirl and (in the past) Arrow to watch and that is a lot of superhero TV per week. They should also try the Marvel approch of making the series different in style, similar to how Captain America Winter Solider was a Superhero film masquerading as a cold war thriller. The 90s Lois and Clark show really put the emphasis on the characters and less on the action and adventure which worked well. When was the last time Supergirl really bothered dealing with Kara's job as a reporter?
  12. I'm not so sure its a good idea. I got a year's sub to Disney+ and who knows if I will continue. But its attraction is that I know it will have everything I want whenever I want it. Not knowing if a movie I want is going to be on or not is a massive minus. The constant disappearing of content is a major irritation with both Amazon and Netflix and almost make them try before you buy services if you want assured constant access to a specific film or series.
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