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  1. McCoy

    Star Trek Discovery

    Prime Lorca?
  2. McCoy

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot

    It's silly to reboot buffy. Continue a version of it sure, but it doesn't need a reboot.
  3. Erm. Not sure what you mean. Sky News is being sold if Fox buys Sky due to media plurality issues. It's a fair point though, why do Fox care if they are being brought by Disney? I assume Disney are running the show regarding the Sky purchase and any additional money used to purchase Sky will be added to the purchase price of Fox. So Fox probably don't care but Disney do and it filters through.
  4. McCoy

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    I saw that although when I log in the offer disappears? Is it just for specific accounts, and can you buy multiple times? Cracking deal though.
  5. McCoy

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Amazon were recently flogging 6 months for £24 so I'm stacked up to sometime in 2020. For £48 a year it is worthwhile just to avoid buying games like Forza, Crackdown, Sea of Theives etc. Everything else is just a bonus. Maybe not worth £8 a month but next time they are on offer it is definitely worth stacking a few.
  6. McCoy

    Who is America? - Sacha Baron Cohen

    Getting someone to donate pubic hairs on TV wasn't done to mock them?
  7. McCoy

    Marvel's Black Widow solo movie

    People who click on a thread entitled Marvel's Black Widow Solo Movie and also take the time to post a reply?
  8. McCoy

    Far Cry 5

    That short glimpse does look pretty fun!
  9. McCoy

    GamesCentre Scotland Goes Bust

    I don't think the benefits justify the approach. Arguably though you'd maintain a motivated workforce until the very end. Possibly prevent any last minute theft? In the grand scheme though, I wouldn't have thought it would make any material difference. It is just a shitty thing to do.
  10. McCoy

    Nintendo eShop

    Indeed, I am not sure it is as clear cut as that. Waterstones still sells books which you can purchase cheaper digitally. Amazon list the HD version of the Greatest Showman for £12 whilst HMV list the Blu Ray for £15. You can argue that in those cases the physical version is better (some people prefer a physical book, the Blu Ray will come with extras) but I am not sure it is innately true that a physical retailer will not stock a product if it is more expensive than the digital equivalent. It is not like Game can just pack up and go home if suddenly publishers drop the price of the RRP on a digital game. You also still see games like Sea of Thieves on sale even though you can effectively play it for £10 a month subscription.
  11. McCoy

    Nintendo eShop

    Whilst I'm not old enough to really remember what it was like in 1988, I'm sure it always feels like that to a certain extent even if it is not borne out by reality. House prices may have gone up but conversely interest rates have come down, 13% in November 1988 compared to 0.5% now. So even if your mortgage was lower, you'd be having to pay a lot more interest on servicing the mortgage. Some costs of living have undoubtedly increased, others have definitely decreased. I think, however, for most people the actual burden of purchasing a game has decreased in real terms since the cost of games has remained relatively static over the years whilst inflation and wage increases have increased year on year. It is amazing looking at those figures to see that an average game in 1988 would cost £102 now. I do remember as a kid in the 90s I might only get a couple of games a year, I look at younger family members now and they have loads more games than I have, quite possibly because it is relatively easy to pick up games for a pittance if you wait a while after release. Add into this that there are many ways to get free games with a fairly good value subscription (Xbox Live, Game pass etc.) and I definitely think the cost of gaming has come down.
  12. McCoy

    Amazon Prime Video

    This is a nice surprise, the complete Alias collection now available on Prime. I never did finish Season 5 so might pick it up again.
  13. McCoy

    Star Trek Discovery

    If you continue, prepare for some serious disappointment relating to at least one of those characters.
  14. McCoy

    Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    I'm amazed at how slowly PUBG seems to be being developed compared to Fortnite. It's still only on PC and Xbox, the Xbox version is still buggy and way behind the PC version. PUBG gives the impression of being just a tiny developer, which may be true, but you would have thought they would have staffed up by now. First mover advantage is only going to get you so far. I've said it before that PUBG in my view has so much unused potential but at the moment it seems that they are struggling to just get the basics right without even trying to tap into the possibilities.
  15. McCoy

    Cineworld Unlimited Ticket

    Slightly this, I'd wager school holidays are as much of a factor. Pixar have never been big on worldwide releases, preferring to instead drop family films into each Country's holiday periods. Any Man delay is defo World Cup related though.

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