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  1. I still think it is the pinnacle of 3D Mario games.
  2. McCoy

    Nintendo Switch

    I hope 64 isn't just a port but a proper rebuilding of the game to be HD. It really deserves a proper tech upgrade.
  3. Eventually. Think Disney have agreed, along with Netflix, to reduce bandwidth consumption in Europe for the time being. So doubt anything will be 4k, be lucky to get full HD.
  4. McCoy

    Nintendo Switch

    Cheers. I think you're right. I should have just got her to use my profile!
  5. McCoy

    Nintendo Switch

    I have a similar problem. My user account purchased Two Point Hospital digitally. My Switch Lite is my primary console. My girlfriend used her existing profile to play the game on the Switch Lite. Now when we go to the normal switch connected to the TV, my profile can play the game but hers cannot (it directs us to eshop and says she has to buy it herself). Is this normal? I could make the original Switch my primary console which would presumably allow her profile to play the game but since the online Nintendo account is only associated with my profile (I didn't think to get family when I signed up) she will not able to transfer her cloud save. At no point are we trying to play the game simultaneously on two separate consoles, simply have different profiles using the game and my profile being a Nintendo online subscriber and having digitally purchased the game. Is the above all correct and as expected or am I missing something. In the world of Nintendo I'm sure it all makes sense...
  6. Yeah, I love my local Cineworld. Just choose your times sensibly and it is 9/10 absolutely fine. I much prefer watching films in the Cinema since, for me at least, I can put the phone away and just focus whereas at home there is always some distraction. Plus for Cineworld, £18 for unlimited films per month is a bargain, particular when you can combine it with an extra free ticket for a friend on Tuesday and Wednesdays. £20 for a single digital rental sounds shit in comparison.
  7. Huh, I'd have been really happy with a defacto 8th season of TNG!
  8. I do think Plunder is probably 10 minute too long. And I would not be averse to some sort of circle mechanism to herd the remaining players into a small part of the map towards the end.
  9. Is it not that this dislike is only within the super secret sect of the Tal Shier. Everyone else is none the wiser and doesn't give a shit about androids. If that's not the case then you're completely correct in your observations. I'm not saying slavish adherence to cannon is always necessary but at least some attempt at consistency is required.
  10. If we can extend it so we skip the French Grand Prix that would be a bit of result for the fans at least.
  11. I rather get the sense they really struggle with the budget on this show. Whereas Discovery seems to have loads of budget to spend, Picard seems to be very short of money. The reusing of the actor as all the holograms, the reusing of the vineyard set it just seems that everything is being done on a bit of shoestring.
  12. I mean, we're assuming it is off but who knows what Liberty/FIA will do.... I guess in theory you can run with 9 teams.
  13. Personally I'm sad, but clearly in light of events postponing the start of the season for the time being is the right thing to do. We're all assuming this will mean the postponement of the race but who knows really... Hard to see how it goes on from here.
  14. Yes, played Plunder last night and it is properly good. It is a much more chilled and fun affair than a typical BR and you can spend time of looting the outskirts of the map or heading in bound and trying to ambush other teams. The depositing of cash is done nicely and presents a good risk/reward level of gameplay. I think 30 minutes is probably a bit too long though, maybe 20 or 25 minutes would be better and I would not be averse to some form of the circle to push players together. Not to the same extent as the regularly mode but if you had to get closer to other players in the last five minutes it would certainly amp up the tension. It is also really fun taking revenge on players who have killed you by parachuting back down and taking them out. We had a five minute stretch where we were in a constant battle with, presumably, the same team before we decided to head off and actually get some loot.
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