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  1. This is no fun by myself. Perhaps some F1 journo could explain this online simracing thing the kids are raving about these days?
  2. Ooh, that looks lush! We should do some historic (cup) racing with this sometime soon... Why don't you sign a manufacturer's contract in Sport Mode to get a free one then?
  3. I believe this has to do with Capcom still holding the console publishing rights to killer7, and then refusing to play ball on the HD remake aside from pc. Fuckheads.
  4. I got Suda51 to sign my Gamecube copy of killer7 after an interview. My most prized possession, only rivalled by a (also signed) copy of his Hand in killer7 book, which he sent me afterwards.
  5. Ooh, please do join us whenever you can soon We'll do a 1 hour race next week Track, car class, fuel and tyre settings TBA. I was there! (I think, loved the online Forza 2 / 3 / 4 days on 360) GT7 is pretty much the same great game on PS4, so hold your excuses and re-join our races
  6. Not a lot necessarily I'd recommend signing a Manufacturer's Contract in Sport Mode (once you unlock that) to get a free Gr. 4 and Gr. 3 car, which are great for our races. Also, if you can spare the money, buy a Mazda Roadster Touring Car and a Radical SR3 as we use those fairly often. Fancy rejoining our Monday night races, too?
  7. I actually managed to gold that one last Thursday night late, despite have the wrong tyres on due to that bug. Took me about 97 tries, but actually did it Very happy with the reward cars for that mission chapter. Roll on Gr. 3 races this Monday night!
  8. Congrats, well done! That means you also won the Mitsubishi GTO as a bonus car Care to join our online races next Monday night (or sooner) to put that car to extra good use in our lobbies?
  9. Keep playing the GT Cafe objectives. You unlock online lobbies at mission 8 I think. If you focus on that, it can be reached in 2-3 hours from the get-go. No, you need to own the cars you use online, too. My recommendation at the moment: - Get all golds on license tests, at least National B and preferably International B, as that'll net you really nice (race) cars. - Buy the Radical SR3 at 126.000 cr, decent money for an excellent cup racing car.
  10. Friendly notice to all: the rllmuk Monday Night Racing Club is moving over from GT Sport to GT7 So join our weekly online races, every Monday night at 8PM UK time! Make sure you add me on PSN using the tag Joe_McSpeed as well as Junkerdenb (@Junker), so you can join our online lobbies. Also, we'll be happy to add you to our PSN chat group for racing-related discussion and general banter! We took out the Radicals in our first online races last night, around Deep Forest Raceway and Tsukuba. Absolute bliss I'm playing both the PS5 and PS4 version, and I'm able to switch around to any version when I feel like it. The game automatically syncs up you save whenever you play the game on the other system than before - in-game, so not the usual PlayStation Netwerk way. So it seems your actual save is very much in the cloud rather than just locally.
  11. Time to race for charity! Watch us live from 8PM UK time on https://twitch.tv/joe_mcspeed/
  12. Pim is working on this, should be getting an update on setting up an online donation portal tomorrow I stressed in chats with him not to make it too complicated, though he's committed to setting up something extra impactful with a bit of PR!
  13. Oof, I did not know about this until now. Donated right away and wishing them all the best! Somehow repeating that quote out loud rung a bell last Monday, interestingly.
  14. Would also like to join the rllmuk club Joe McSpeed
  15. Very much enjoying this game since mid through last week Most things I disliked about FH4 have been dealt with. When is there forum racing activity? Tomorrow and Wednesday nights at 9:30-ish perhaps?
  16. This is indeed the best way to go. See you online this Monday at 8PM BST!
  17. So ehr, you're back in to actually start racing with us? For real this time then?
  18. Very welcome to race with us after your holiday of course, but by all means join us this Monday night at 8PM UK time already if you like If only for an hour or so. It's be great to have you in the lobby!
  19. Matty, have you signed a 'Manufacturer Contract' yet? Go to Brand Central, select your favourite brand and sign this (fictional) contract. You'll get a free Gr.4 and Gr. 3 car. If you're sure about being able to join our races this Monday night, we can do races in these car classes so you can be in with us
  20. Briliant! The more the merrier, et cetera Looking forward to having you join in the racing next time.
  21. I very much agree and actually spoke about this with Dune, the game's creator, when the game was still in closed beta. He said it was a 'deliberate choice' not to do pace notes. So I even offered to write and supply complimentary notes (having co-driven a fair share of rally cars over the years), but he wasn't having it sadly.
  22. Yup, that's Louis a.k.a. Astroll-Martin He actually got a lot of flak on social media back then for asking that question. Talking about F1 fans having been so 'tribal' for some time...
  23. I played the PSP version (effectively the same as the one on PS2) which was also quite good. Lacked some less essential features but captured the core experience nicely
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