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  1. Heading online in this in 30 minutes Join in!
  2. Nice, I'll try to be online by 9PM and see what's what to get forumites in the same lobby. If randoms feel like bashing us 'Mukkers I guess we'll just have to retaliate By the way, this game is LOVELY on a wheel and H-pattern gearshifter! Heel 'n toeing it under braking, whacking the car into corners and powering out Just what the doctor ordered as far as 'loose racing on loose surfaces' go!
  3. That's be brilliant! I could do some races later tonight (9PM-ish) and Saturday. (Leaving for a few weeks again on Monday.)
  4. Just got this on PS4, perfect to unwind and dick about (with drifting, not ramming - per se...) on gravel tracks Very much up for some online races with anyone interested, too
  5. Nope, just the Super Formula's. Could be nice though, especially considering the modern LMP's are hybrids - so the overtake / electric boost button would be quite fitting there
  6. By all means join the forum racing again tonight! @PeteBrant will again be taking over hosting duties (I will have to pass on it again sadly due to still being in Monza.)
  7. You're making the concept sound a bit confusing this way I think, but slipstreaming to gain speed generally only really works on straights - in the corners the dirty (disturbed) air will generate less downforce as it hits the following car. I'm not entirely sure whether I've experienced it specifically but it can definitely be there in the game - the Codies' F1 games simulate it too for instance.
  8. Will try to race tonight, but it's my only day at home in between two Grand Prix weeks. Could @PeteBrant take over hosting duties again just in case? Then I'll see if I can join in at some point. I won't be able to race for sure for the rest of September for sure sadly, so very much hoping to at least do one race tonight Oof, all the best to you and your sister in law Will.
  9. Not entirely true: the F355 / 355 F1 was featured nicely in PGR4 and many Forza titles - up until Horizon 4, which actually contains a great hommage event to said PGR4 appearance Would absolutely love to see it in GT Sport, if only for us to be able to do another F355 Challenge style race like in the Forza 3 days Yeah, the Oreca Chrysler Viper in fact! The Super GT liveries are still amazing - hence I run Super Autobacs colours in my Mazda Roadster Touring Car in GT Sport
  10. Very much looking forward to driving this on Monday Added to the PSN chat now Also, I can very much recommend the T300RS, best allround wheel for the money! I've seen some brake pedal mods on offer but not convinced they will do the job - even though I would love some more resistance on my T300 RS Pro pedals. GT3 was the first one I played, properly! Loved racing the GT300 (Super Autobacs MR-S!) and GT500 cars in that Also spent quite some time with GT PSP, and far less with 4, 5 and 6. Nothing compares to the fun I've had so far with Sport, mind! And Ferrari F355 Challenge was the tits fore sure, though it holds up fairly poorly today sadly. Contrary to the likes of Metropolis Street Racer and Sega Rally 2!
  11. I remember you, welcome back indeed! Looking forward to racing online soon, hopefully come Monday night I tried to add you to the 'rllmuk GT Sport' PSN message group we have, but your privacy settings won't let me. Let me know if you'd like in (and are able to change this for now).
  12. Well done, keep it up! What's your PSN ID to be sure?
  13. You mean 20-lap endurance races? Including the 'Ring?
  14. Actually I'm fairly confident we can get that magical 20 players on the grid in October We've managed 12-13 on some nights before the aforementioned five joined in - so we're getting there! I'm away for most of September by the way - due to F1. After next Monday, the following I can do is the 7th of October...
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