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  1. Let's see what happens. If we get more than 16 players again, I'm sure we can split lobbies to accommodate all interested players For instance @mexos and @PeteBrant (we've been missing you recently!) have hosting experience with similar settings, and I'm sure for instance @marsh could do the same. Or @beenabadbunny could host a lobby - I'll be happy to share to base settings for rllmuk online racing again!
  2. Yes, for extra clarity regarding THIS Monday night, make sure you bring the following cars for the races at Goodwood: * Mini Cooper S (N100) https://www.kudosprime.com/gts/car_sheet.php?id=242 * Any N300 car from before 1975, which means any of these cars: - Chevrolet Camaro Z28: https://www.kudosprime.com/gts/car_sheet.php?id=298 - Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible: https://www.kudosprime.com/gts/car_sheet.php?id=173 - De Tomaso Pantera: https://www.kudosprime.com/gts/car_sheet.php?id=197 - Dodge Super Bee: https://www.kudosprime.com/gts/car_sheet.php?id=313 - Ferrari 250 GT BERLINETTA PASSO CORTO CN.2521: https://www.kudosprime.com/gts/car_sheet.php?id=286 - Ford Mustang Mach 1: https://www.kudosprime.com/gts/car_sheet.php?id=199 - Jaguar E-Type Coupe: https://www.kudosprime.com/gts/car_sheet.php?id=263 - Mazda RX500: https://www.kudosprime.com/gts/car_sheet.php?id=252 - Plymouth XNR Ghia Roadster: https://www.kudosprime.com/gts/car_sheet.php?id=254 - Shelby GT350: https://www.kudosprime.com/gts/car_sheet.php?id=273 * Gran Turismo F1500T-A: https://www.kudosprime.com/gts/car_sheet.php?id=200 Make sure you have a nice livery from the '80s F1 period - and by all means check out @mexos profile for shared ones
  3. It doesn't hold a candle to the overall quality of All Stars Racing Transformed, sadly. A lot less diverse, not as challenging and overall a lot less fun. I'd give a lot of money for an updated rerelease of All Stars Racing Transformed on Switch / PS4, though.
  4. I'm on a Thrustmaster T300 RS. Think about 50 to 75% of people in our group are on wheels? If you're interested in getting a wheel and looking to spend similar (or maybe slightly less) money compared to a G29, I would certainly recommend that T300 RS - it's got better force feedback (motorised rather than Logitech's belt-driven tech if I'm correct).
  5. Got back into this yesterday for the first time in 6 months. Still amazing to drive I spent some time with a fellow rally co-driver (which I've been doing on the side over the past 8 years) making our own pacenotes of some stages, then reading them out to each other to see if we can improve speed and mostly trust over the in-game notes. Pretty fun challenge and did actually work! Still mostly spending time with GT Sport on Monday nights, but may do a bit more DiRT Rally 2.0 over the weekend. Such a shame Codemasters locked away so much content in many different DLC batches. It's a bit of a mess now, really - buying a set of 4 seasons will cost you more than just seasons 3 and 4!
  6. Noble is the king of fuel and tyre saving, by lifting off early and all. Probably spent too much time with Nico Rosberg in 2016. I generally mix the fuel/tyre settings a bit, although I believe it was x15 on tyres and x11 on fuel last Monday. (Which is usually the baseline I enter for 10-12-ish lap races.) This rllmuk group! Really, we accommodate people of all skills levels, so by all means feel welcome to join in (Providing there's a spot on the grid of course, as we're growing rapidly over the past weeks.) Everyone here is careful enough to prevent things from becoming bumper cars, like in certain public lobbies. We'll still have amazing heated battles, and very occasionally a mistake can result in a (usually minor) divebomb, but everyone in our group generally deserves an A or S ranking for sportsmanship.
  7. Spec 2 includes a selection of 10 racing cars and 2,500,000 credits. So in a way, you're paying for extra content which can also be unlocked by just playing. Buying the base game and spending a few hours just playing (especially in driving school and missions) will net you enough credits to acquire the cars you want and need though Also: join our online racing group!
  8. Final results of last Monday's rllmuk GT Sport Gr. 3 Cup
  9. So yeah, this Although I'm not quite sure about improvising multi-class racing just yet.
  10. Well that was AMAZING! A full lobby of 16 players ALL NIGHT - and 5 on the waiting list at some point. We'll have to press Polyphony to upgrade the grid capacity now! Not to mention the fantastic racing we had going. Gr. 3's are still the best to do it in - on par with the Roadsters I reckon. Will try to aggregate and calculate the cup scores tonight for the 'official results' Sorry about that Junker, hope you're able to join us again next Monday. And be sure to always run the updates at least an hour before starting time (I often check for this, too). I may be up for some more casual racing on Thursday or Friday, mind! Sorry to hear that wev, hope you're all hanging in there. Give a shout if you're available and willing to join in again! Yeah, yesterday was on the longer side. It works for me but I can imagine that doesn't go for everyone. Extra kudos for pretty much everyone hanging on for all 4 races though! The Goodwood Members Meeting I suggested for next week will have 3 races planned and I'm all up for any additional racing with anyone up for it too So yeah, this! Will elaborate a bit more on it later in the week. Perhaps @mexos can resume the 80s design project he started on 2 years ago, too? It could be done, but I'm not sure whether I'm a fan of it in GT Sport - there are not features for multi-class racing such as in Forza. If demand here is that high we can certainly give it a try, though I really like racing in equal machinery in GT Sport. Especially when that amounts to 16 cars! That said, how about a proper Le Mans endurance race for the week after next Monday? Something like 24 laps. A general rule for getting out of the way of faster driver's (be it during quali laps or when overtaking a backmarker) is to back off of the racing line. So yes, this can be either the left or right side of the track. If you're really not sure, try to slow down on a straight and you will mostly be fine. Plus we have voice comms in party chat for most to give each other a heads-up Reset to track option is a good one. I switched this off after @Batmobile and I believe @scoobysi had a crucial coming together at Suzuka in the 2018 rllmuk GT Sport Championship, which resulted in a win for Batmobile after being put back on track Will switch it back on - please try to remind me in the lobby next time to double check! Ha! That reminds me of the Martini livery I slapped on my Subaru WRX Gr. 3 when we did the 2018 championship - and only after 2 rounds found out in contained a hentai girl on the roof...
  11. Yeah pick one Gr. 3 car for all 4 races tonight!
  12. We'll race to Balance of Performance in Gr. 3, yes. Yup!
  13. Right, let's continue the excellent racing spree tonight, at 8PM UK time (or 9PM Dutch time) Bring your favourite Gr. 3 car as we'll be racing around Dragon Trail, Lago Maggiore, Nurburgring GP and Spa!
  14. By the way, did anyone save the Tsukuba race replay? Didn't myself sadly and would love to re-watch the amazing three-way battle with @Varnsen and Pim
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