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  1. Please do, I may find some motivation to do this grinding over the weekend.
  2. Do feel welcome to join in! We have people from all skills levels racing, mostly on every Monday night from 8PM UK time I usually host the main lobby, feel free to add me on PSN = Joe_McSpeed Won't be around tonight myself tonight, but @Varnsen and @marsh will be covering hosting duties to make sure anyone can enjoy the Gr. 3 endurance race at Interlagos that's planned.
  3. Not really. You could dip the clutch briefly (clutch kick) to actually get the car into a drift, although it's rarely used and I'm not even sure GT Sport supports it well. I think it's more of a reflex from real-life driving, where engaging the clutch is a primary reaction under braking. (And often unnecessary, unless the engine is on the verge of stalling.) You're better off feathering the throttle to keep the drift going and using gradual steering input to get it straight again smoothly. Or, if you really feel you can't hold it, counter-steer a bit more and slam the brakes - which will cost you time but can help to regain stability.
  4. I really feel you, handling oversteer and drifting in GT Sport only clicked for me after well over a year of frequent play. I used to run TC on pretty much every RWD car as any attempt at doing otherwise would result in spins sooner or later. It was frustrating, especially as I loved catching the rear end in DiRT Rally. But I remember distinctly, upon returning home after some sim lessons at Rudy van Buren's (lucky to call him a friend), I fired this up and drove a TVR with TC off around Tsukuba. Suddenly, it all felt right and I could use the right input to do this: I guess the secret is to really be gentle on your movements. Hard on the throttle, feeding the throttle (don't just stomp on it!) Once you've done it enough, it really becomes second nature
  5. Nice to see this game got the success it deserves. Especially given you can get a lot of mileage out of it without spending a single dime. I did give up on it around level 23, having beaten the second boss. It was a fun ride, but the grinding for experience and materials just became too much for my taste. Really like the overall Grasshopper Manufacture production vibes and various references to the Suda-verse, but the narrative hardly ties in with Kill The Past anyway so I decided to focus more on The Silver Case and 25th Ward
  6. Would just like to leave this clip from last night's rllmuk GT Sport session here, as a testament to the stupendously close and exciting racing we have going on every Monday night A proper five-way battle, everyone on the absolute edge yet nothing escalating into bashing or crashing:
  7. One of the many great (five-way!!!) battles from last night
  8. Online racing tonight at 8PM UK time again, as per usual We'll do some open racing again with all forumites and friends. The KTM X-Bow R around Dragon Trail Gardens to start with, then some 'good old' Mazda Roadster Touring Car racing and more Gr. 4 and/or Gr. 3 goodness to top things off - around tracks selected by the people racing tonight. See you then!
  9. Heh, please don't smudge the name of a legendary arcade racing game with this The best Ridge Racer games can be considered an absolute art form - especially RR Type 4 and Ridge Racers on PSP.
  10. Ha, I'll never forget the online Forza 2/3/4 racing days, which also produced an interesting array of extra noises. Various loud Dutch voices for one (Meerman and friends and me) or engine sound echos that could easily drown out your own powertrain Also, this was the way we 'captured' replay footage back then:
  11. Just join us next Monday We'll be racing more affordable cars again. You can buy a Mazda Roadster Touring Car for chips and acquire Gr. 4 and Gr. 3 cars for free by selecting a manufacturer's contract.
  12. Played the PS4 version for a bit tonight (on PS4 Pro). Not that impressed with it but it's not the total mess I was fearing after reading initial reactions here. The graphics are mediocre at best. It really reminds me of Shift 2: Unleashed for some reason. (Even more than Project CARS did which was made by the same developer.) But they're functional, I guess. Handling-wise, it actually feels a bit of a step down from the original AC on PS4. It just seems to have less feeling to it, while lacking the overall smoothness of GT Sport. However, upping the force feedback a bit, to around 80% while Initial feedback is now on 10-15% already made it better. Need to mess about a bit more with this. I'll spend some more time and hope to find a decent sim-racer in here - the original AC took a few attempts for me to click, too - but GT Sport can very much rest assured in terms of priority.
  13. Hot Pursuit 2010 didn't feature split screen multiplayer though
  14. It's been like that in GT for some time. I recall top players saying in the GT5 days (over 10 years ago) you could definitely gain 1.5 seconds of average lap time by using a wheel, but over the years I've heard about more people even being among the quickest using a pad. Then again, this guy in GT Sport may also be trolling
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