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  1. Lujin

    Darkest Dungeon

    I seem to have picked up a bug with how stun works on my switch save file. Instead of making the enemies (or my party) miss a turn it just gives the usual visual effect but the stunned character or monster just carries on as normal. Needless to say it's making an already tough game very much tougher so might result in me having to start a new save file
  2. Lujin

    Darkest Dungeon

    Just you. It does take a lot of levelling though. Level 6 is needed/advised as is top notch weapons/armour and skills to give a decent chance. Quirks can be cured (for a price) in the sanitarium. You should try and do this to keep on top of them and stop them building up. I believe that the likelihood of quirks occurring is related to the level of stress of the character but as with most other things there's a random element too
  3. Lujin

    Darkest Dungeon

    Been playing this again myself recently on the switch. Trying to beat bloodmoon difficulty but the RNG can be soul destroying. Started a new game after the one before felt like it wasn't going to be successful (too many deaths, too much stress on the survivors and not enough money to turn things around) then promptly had Reynauld killed by an unlucky critical hit on the old road...
  4. Lujin

    Darkest Dungeon

    There's some randomness but it's influenced by a character's spd stat.
  5. Lujin

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Darkest Dungeon (and the DLC) is currently at 40% off on the eshop so I double dipped. Tried playing it on the TV but the controls are pretty non intuitive. I’m hoping they bed in a bit more over time or I may have to switch to touchscreen ...
  6. Lujin

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

  7. Lujin

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Wait, is La-Mulana on the switch now? Never managed to complete it on the Wii and have had a hankering to retry it for a while.
  8. Lujin

    Outlander - Kilty kilty bare bum

    Season 3 Episode 5 was (up til the last 5 mins) the weakest one so far. Every scene with Brienne in it feels like filler and episode 5 was packed with them. It ended well though so hopefully things pick up in the coming episodes.
  9. Lujin

    Rllmuk Top 100 Games 2017

    MK64 falls into the same boat. Surely MK8 beats it on every count except for nostalgia.
  10. Thanks for the extended deadline! Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild Bloodborne Dark Souls Starcraft 2 World of Warcraft Super Mario World Secret of Mana Darkest Dungeon F Zero GX Super Mario Galaxy Advance Wars Divinity: Original Sin (haven't played the second one yet) Resident Evil 4 Rock Band 3 Xenoblade Chronicles Ikaruga Portal Pikmin 3 Mario Kart 8 Xcom 2
  11. Lujin

    The Esports Thread

    I totally agree with that. I played SC2 for a good while and even though I'd never got particularly high up the league I knew enough to understand how all the unit combinations worked vs one another. This let me enjoy watching the pros play as I could appreciate the skill involved and their split second decision making. Dota 2 I played far less of, still a fair amount but nowhere near enough to know how all the abiltities, characters and items matched up so when I watched that I just couldn't get into it. Overwatch just had too many perspectives to concentrate on to make it enjoyable to watch for me. It's difficult to think of a videogame that won't have that complexity barrier to entry for spectators but still be deep enough to be interesting to watch.
  12. Haven't done a huge amount of new game buying in 2016 so my list's a bit bare. Game of the Year 1. Fire Emblem Fates "Minor tweaks to the FE Awakening template (offensive and defensive pairings rather than the master of all trades pairing FE Awakening had) result in major improvements to the tactical depth in a series that was never short of that in the first place. Haven't double dipped as lunatic mode on Conquest has enough longevity to occupy my train journeys to work for weeks yet. Also there's the addition of feet." 2. Crypt of the Necrodancer "Nicely refreshing take on the roguelike template." 3. Xcom 2 "Intruiging premise in that it takes one of the many times Xcom lost in the first game as its starting point and builds from there. Improves on the first in every way with the only downside being it's played it safe a bit too much and so suffers from overfamiliarty." 4. Gwent "I enjoyed hearthstone but couldn't get away from the feeling that my decks would always be outclassed by those with lots of money to spend it. The same feeling may creep into this as it leaves beta but as it is I'm enjoying it immensely. The 3 round mechanic gives a nice additional layer of stategy. Interesting enough to persuade me to buy a Witcher game for the first time (Witcher 3) to learn more about the world so even if CDPR don't get my money for cards, it's done its job." 5. Dark Souls 3 "Almost a return to the heights of DS1. The worldbuilding's as good as ever and the deaths are as frustrating, numerous but fair as before" 6. Overwatch "The usual Blizzard polish attracted me to this and made it the first FPS I've enjoyed since Halo 3." 7. Inside "Probably midway through and I think I preferred Limbo, but that's a high bar in the first place" 8. Mordheim "The strategy seems limited to "gang up on one of your opponent's men and repeat before they do the same to you" but in terms of atmosphere they've captured the boardgame well." 9. Pokemon Go "By no means a great game but it is interesting and got me out of the office at lunchtime" 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Soundtrack of the Year S1. Crypt of the Necrodancer "So catchy and there's the masterstroke of having the shopkeeper sing along as you get near to him" S2. Dark Souls 3 S3. Inside Visuals of the Year V1. Inside V2. The Witcher III: Blood and Wine "Haven't actually got to the DLC yet but unless they hobble the graphics engine for it compared to the main game it'll be special. It's been some time since I've looked at a gameworld and thought "wow" V3. Dark Souls 3 Writing of the Year W1. Inside W2. Dark Souls 3 W3.
  13. Lujin

    Thomas And The Great Race

    Saw it at the cinema, fairly enjoyable and my son seemed to be more engaged by it than The Good Dinosaur. On the downside we had to pay full price rather than the cinebabies price expected and amongst the trailers were 3 Fireman Sam safety videos which featured Naughty Norman's irritating shrieking blasted at full volume through the cinema's sound system. Overall - would watch again (on netflix this time though)
  14. Lujin

    XCOM 2 - War of the Chosen

    You may have seen this since your post but... Are there any mods that give more face type (rather than clothing) options in the character creation screens?
  15. Lujin

    Pokemon Go

    They've got that "I'm a passenger" confirmation but I suspect that's more to limit Niantic's liability if someone is driving and using rather than an attempt to remind people not to do it.

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