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  1. Can't see why it wouldn't work in tabletop mode. You might just struggle to make out some of the instructions but it should be feasible.
  2. No, it's fine. It looks noticeably worse than handheld and of you were to play it exclusively docked then I'd strongly recommend either the PS4 or Xbox version. But it plays well, just looks much worse on the big screen.
  3. I really enjoyed them. It's your usual Telltale fare, but their take on Batman and villains are pretty unique. It's worth a play if you have any interest in Batman.
  4. This is out on consoles now. I started it earlier on the Switch and it seems to run perfectly. It's an interesting mystery, I'm just wandering around seeing what has happened before I start trying to figure out who is who.
  5. Well, that's a bigger box than I expected.
  6. It's on Gamepass if you're on Xbox though, so there's no risk involved. Mine is already installed ready.
  7. All my other big game boxes I've separated out but this one comes with a steelbook which looks more out of place than the box.
  8. So there's some discussion in the Switch Witcher 3 thread about game collection sizes. @bum was commenting that his Switch physical collection is at 110 games. Whereas mine is at 72 physical games and 152 digital. Ridiculous waste of money, but given that I primarily game on the Switch these days, a lot of them will be played to completion. So what's yours? Still have a physical collection, or are you all digital these days?
  9. I just realised I have Ring Fit Adventure arriving today as well. We should probably start a separate thread for silly games collections and stop clogging up this one.
  10. That's crazy. I thought I was bad with 72 physical Switch games.
  11. Most definitely. As much as I loved New Vegas, I doubt I could ever play it again because it's such a time sink. That's awesome, didn't know that.
  12. It's not as open world as Fallout or Skyrim. It's smaller areas more like Borderlands 1&2 (don't know about 3). Apparently it's a much shorter game as well - 30/40 hours at most. Although I think that's a good think, personally.
  13. Nope. I've bought it off the Switch store anyway.
  14. It is, but it's not available to purchase yet.
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