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  1. It has that same annoying feature as Ori where sometimes you struggle to make out enemies from the background.. Otherwise it doesn't seem bad so far. I've only played an hour, but I want to see where it goes.
  2. Really? I can still play Forza Horizon online on the Xbox. That's 2 years older than Driveclub. Sony should be hauled over the coals for the shutdown of their servers. I'm not trying to single Microsoft out here, Sony have a habit of shutting down their poorer performing games. See Gravity Rush 2, for example. It seems to be more acceptable recently for games to have a shorter shelf life than what we've had before. I don't get why that is.
  3. Public Service Announcement: All Driveclub's servers will be shut down from Tuesday. All online functionality will be be turned off. Get your last few games in while you're in lockdown.
  4. Don't worry, Xenoblade Chronicles has your back.
  5. I've been playing this sporadically since release. I loved JC2 and 3, but I just don't get this game at all and don't know if I can be bothered trying to figure out how it works. I'm wandering aimlessly around the map doing occasional missions which don't seem to alter my completion status. The menu screens seem an impenetrable mess of sub menus and trying to figure out how anything works just seems like an exercise in futility. Granted, it probably doesn't help that I've stopped and started it half a dozen times so I've completely forgot the tutorial, but the main enjoyment I've always had with these games is the immediate pick up and play nature. It's a shame. I really want to enjoy it, but the game seems to go out of its way to make that difficult.
  6. mdn2


    Sorry, yeah. Stupid fat fingers.
  7. mdn2


    There's been a livestream today to celebrate the games 10th anniversary. But yeah, SE have probably realised there's a lot of interest in the series since Automata has sold 4.5 million copies.
  8. mdn2


    It's confirmed 2B and 9S's voice actors have small role in NieR Replicant.
  9. mdn2


    They're hoping to have it out for the games 10th anniversary. Which is this year.
  10. mdn2


    -Developed by Toylogic -Fully voiced, re-recorded voices -Automata's Takahisa Taura is also helping the development -Saito says it's "version up" not a remake or remaster -lots of stuff being added from the original -possibility of a new ending? Saito says he is not sure -Okabe is doing the soundtrack again. There will be new tracks. That was my take as well. Papa Nier was far less generic than Brother Nier.
  11. mdn2


    Remaster announced! I loved this back in the day and at least it makes up for the fact they never made it BC on the Xbox One. Shame about no Switch version.
  12. It happened to me on the 3rd case as well. And I know I didn't make any errors or use hints. It's a definite weird one. Great game though.
  13. Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Phew. Got in early with that)
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