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  1. mdn2

    Nintendo Switch

    Anyway....Scalebound? I'm almost hoping the rumours are true just to see the fallout.
  2. mdn2

    Nintendo Switch

    But the point is they do have big releases which are announced close to release. So they could definitely have another unannounced game or two out this year.
  3. mdn2

    Nintendo Switch

    Boxboy is great. I hope they bring Pullblox over from the 3DS as well.
  4. This has a real possibility of becoming A Thing, hasn't it? There was two guys in work talking about it yesterday. One of them admitted to getting an online sub for it.
  5. I'm thinking Elsa will end up as one of the X-Men.
  6. My other half just threw a hissy fit after coming in the top ten and on the next game, coming 92nd. Sometimes I think you make one mistake and then the other players smell blood and make you pay for it.
  7. Bayo 2 is already on Switch. Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Xenoblade X are definitely the hold outs. As soon as those two are on the Switch, I'll retire my WiiU.
  8. Watching now. Edit: what happened at the end with the pile up in the middle?
  9. I tend to have one JRPG on the go, one action game and one puzzle/strategy. I'm currently playing Tales of Vesperia, Shadow of the Tomb Raider (although I might drop this for Crackdown 3) and Tetris 99.
  10. mdn2

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    It's not bad. I've always had a huge soft spot for Crackdown, so the chance to explore around a new city collecting agility orbs will keep me quiet.
  11. mdn2

    Detective Pikachu movie

    I'm so IN.
  12. Have a read of the guide @Jonster posted earlier in the thread. It's invaluable. I'll add it to the first post.

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