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  2. Well, ghe dvd and the book both arrived today so I started reading the book and struggled to get it. There was a tenuous link between going on a journey (watching the movie), about a journey (the movie is set on planes) and listening to Journey (the band) and i didnt get it. So i stuck the dvd in and the opening music was Don't Stop Believin' by Journey (the band) so im guessing thw book will only make sense if you see the film first. Full review later!
  3. It's almost as if there's a crossover between Guardian journalists, their readers and the struggling middle class comedic situations they could relate to.
  4. MW_Jimmy

    Nintendo Switch

    That's even worse than expected! I don't get why Square keep cheapening out on their ports. Hard pass
  5. Time trial super mario kart is godly, especially Ghost valley 1 and mario circuit 1. Both epic tracks.
  6. The fact that this remake retains the tile-based world & level design of Link's Awakening makes the Oracle games more likely IMO, as those games essentially re-used that design so they could do the same here. I don't think that Nintendo would go as far as to split them in 2 like they were on GB though, especially considering that after the original has had a Switch port any further entries wouldn't have the same uniqueness so would have to offer something more... like combining them all into one adventure perhaps? The Legend of Zelda: The 3 Oracles.
  7. Weird - I have 2 options on subtitles for foreign shows - English or English[CC] which is what you're describing.
  8. Why cant I get proper subtitles for foreign shows on Netflix? If you watch in the original language the only choice seems to be subtitles for the hard of hearing. Is this right? How come people aren't up in arms over it? I can hear when a phone is ringing on a show, I just want the speech shown so I can see what is being said.
  9. Hope it works out for you! I've now got an email saying more order is being packed. Only scary thing is it shows the standard box art, but does say Limited Edition. I told @nakamurathat I wasn't getting the LE and I don't have much love for the original and a normal version would be fine, but this thread swept me up
  10. Ive still never got over how bad Mario Kart 64 was
  11. How much needs to be cancelled out? Do you really think someone who has an apology from their accuser would have a problem getting a job in the games industry, with it in mind people who are proven to be abusive bullies continue to work without any real repercussions? Also, while this (fictional) man may have their life ruined despite receiving an apology and damages, I think it's much more likely a man who successfully sued their accuser would become a minor celebrity and be hero-worshipped by the scum of the internet. He'd probably end up with a speaking tour. That's how the world works.
  12. alternate for entire series? Interesting, I suppose it saves one each time from having to travel. I could see us looking a bowler light when they inevitably aren't quite fit enough to play every match of the sequence, but maybe that's all a necessary part of the transitional plan. Did he have much to say about solving the batting/keeping dilemmas?
  13. Yup. As mentioned further up. If people weren't made to feel like they were regarded as liars or "asking for it" from the get go then more people would report it and the patterns of the serial abusers would be picked up much earlier by the authorities
  14. Alexlotl

    Nintendo Switch

    They’re ports of 2009 mobile ports of the SFC ports. Apparently they’re pretty badly compromised as a result. Some info here:
  15. And I guess this is where metoo, Royal Comissions or calling out come into play. Because one or two people coming forward will generally lead to more people coming forward and at least prevent future abuse. It also allows the possibility of recognising what survivors have been through and getting them resources and help. I don't know how you resolve the issue of potential bad actors but there are many men who if they hadn't of been called out would have continued to abuse the people around them were it not for calling this behaviour out publicly.
  16. Ha, hope the experience was better than mine. 3 years ago Vs Wolves. 10 mins in he says "Dad, footballs a bit boring isn't it". We lost 2-0. He now supports Spurs
  17. The point I was making (badly) was that you can't really set an amount and think it cancels it all out like you're making out.
  18. I don't think they set "going rates". Do you think they should? Also, if someone subsequently calls someone a paedophile after that person has already successfully sued someone who made a similar accusation, they'll be finding themselves in court pretty quickly.
  19. How do you quanitify the damage done to your reputation amongst friends and peers? What number do you put on that? ( assuming You can actually afford to take it to court). Surely the way to avoid all that is to fix the system at the point of accusation. I.e make reporting to HR/Police etc a system that works. Because a system, of public outing on social media is not the answer.
  20. MW_Jimmy

    Nintendo Switch

    The Dragon Quest collection looks to be an absolute mess of redrawn graphics in different resolutions. Hope there are some options otherwise this is looking like a disappointment.
  21. My comment was more around Sane claiming it's clearly true that more guilty men are accused than innocent men even though there's no way to prove it. I agree with him . I'm just saying you can't state it's 100% truth/fact. With regards to your comment, you have to believe people when they make an accusation but if there's no proof what do you expect the authorities to do though when it's just one persons word against the other? What would be the correct response from the authorities when faced with that and an investigation reveals nothing?
  22. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    tbf - from what I've seen so far, it's very much an optional technique
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