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  2. ZOK

    Jordan Peele's 'Us'

    I agree with all of this, thought it was fantastic on all of these points. It's just the actual internal logic of the story doesn't hang together on any level. I think what this reminded me of is something that the long lost @CrispinG memorably named to when talking about Robert Carlyle's character in '28 Weeks Later'...and I now use as shorthand for this kind of nonsense. Us is prime 'Magic Twat' territory!
  3. Chindie

    Gunpla: The Thread

    Thanks. Things are not likely to get better anytime soon unfortunately. Astrays are awesome. I've not built the RG Red Frame but I understand it's a pretty well rated kit and, ultimately, it's an Astray. They always look awesome. Even the MG Kai with its completely ludicrous backpack/sword/bow thing still looks great. Hence why they're one of the most popular designs. The Freedom 2.0 is pretty much an RG Freedom that's been blown up in a photocopier and had the detail bumped up a bit. It's a really, really good kit. Surprisingly easy build, solid and loads of pose options. Very well articulated too. It's not flawless mind. The biggest issue is that the frame for this kit was newly developed with a new type of hip joint, which has great mobility but it's apparently prone to breaking. I bought metal upgrade bits for mine. This frame is also used by the Providence Gundam and the Justice Gundam iirc. It also suffers with a couple of loose bits. The right-hand chest vent seems to fall off very easily for some reason and the vent covers on the backpack have the same problem. I also still think the interior of the shoulder armour is a bit half arsed. But it's a great kit overall. Btw if you wanted to do one thing that can make the kits look better, look into doing some panel lining. No skill required, and can really bring out the detail on a kit. I have some new panel lining pens (Gundam markers) I picked up when starting out before I was even thinking of painting kits that I ended up not using, I'll happily send them to you if you think you'd get some use out of them. It's just 3 pens, black grey and brown, that you draw into the panel lines which helps the detail jump out. You clean up any issues with a normal eraser. Only really works with unpainted kits mind.
  4. ZOK

    Jordan Peele's 'Us'

    Can someone explain the ending to me? Thinking about it this morning I just don't get what it was supposed to even be by the end...it's all just 'stuff' as far as I can tell.
  5. Fuck you bull! This one was actually quite straightforward once I had died a few times. For the most part, simply blocking and getting slashes in here and there worked. It felt quite Souls-like in that regard. I did backtrack to get the prosthetic I missed which I was told would make it a lot easier but it didn't make a huge difference, especially in the second form. This game is so fucking good, it's everything I wanted as an evolution of the Souls formula.
  6. ZOK

    Jordan Peele's 'Us'

    And Funny Games, which it nicked at least three bits from.
  7. Monkeyboy

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Is Live down for everyone else? I’m trying to play Rise of the Tomb Raider and get an error message saying the service isn’t working properly. Then the game won’t launch and it’s back to the home screen. Great that I can’t even play a single player game!! edit: it’s working again!
  8. This game is not for me haha
  9. Rikku

    The Division 2

    This is glorious. I started out at level 23 yesterday, pottered around for a couple of hours getting every control point in the game, completing projects, and doing some other adhoc activities. Then joined up with Hexx and we did some side missions, some control points, and bounties! Ridiculously good fun. I hit level 30 really, really quickly. It wasn't something I had been aiming for, I like that it happened without it being something I was "working" towards and didn't feel like a grind at all. The gameplay loop just feels really good. Decided to jump right in to the strongholds last night with some randoms, they were tough, but I wanted to unlock my specialisation. I think I spent half of Roosevelt Island chasing my teamies trying to get a photo of 4 agents together for the trophy.
  10. Genuine question, what is FM sound support?
  11. Stejay

    WhatsApp Music Group

    What about Discord?
  12. But my Mega Drive all those years ago came with Sonic 1, 2, and Mega Games 6! They haven't answered me in any case, and as its Sunday I doubt today either... so I guess I could respond to the help desk to ignore my first response/message... Aaaahhh
  13. I've opened up about five different places to explore now, but each of them I've backed out of thinking, 'Noooope, not ready for this shit.' I am pottering about in earlier areas trying to work up the nerve to push on. The combat and traversal are so good that even doing runs through previous areas is loads of fun.
  14. Like I said above though, I think any kind of hiding resets it. He was definitely constantly engaged with the other guy when I nipped round the corner, only to have full health again when I came back. I’ll do some more tests with it to see if I can figure out the rules. It’s a bit shitty really, because it’s always helpful to be able to take a breather and figure out a new line of attack away from the battle.
  15. One thing I miss from Nioh is the use of real-life people and places from the time period. You'd really enjoy the story of Nioh if you have any passing interest in the era - it wraps itself around the whole Tokugawa/Toyotomi feud and the battle of Sekigahara features as a centre-piece, and then it slaps all this fun demon/British imperialism nonsense on top. It's a great fun. As far as I'm aware the Hirata and Ashina were real clans during the period, but extremely minor ones that From have obviously adopted and used a lot of poetic licence with! /weeb
  16. Cosmic_Guru

    Outward - Open world RPG with survival elements - March 26th

    Had a few hours with this last night and it's, um, interesting. A blend of environmentally crude Unity engine (?) world (think Morrowind era appearance only with much more colour), the sort of bone-hard-at-the-start development tree favoured by the likes of Gothic and Elex (cash for skills) , a fully fleshed out survival game, and a Roguelike (not precisely, but see below). There is a tutorial which introduces you to the mechanics of combat and the various ways to aid survival by cooking, sleeping, wearing weather appropriate clothing etc. [Potential spoilers if you are getting this and want to go in completely cold.] Then you create a character who is just a bod with no skills or classes to choose from - all six permutations are possible, but are uniformly ugly and low res so it doesn't exactly take long to do. The bod wakes up after a shipwreck in their undies and off you go. After a short starting area (worth checking out for the machete and a few bits and bobs), you get taken to your base in town and that's where it starts to get interesting. After exploring the interior you go outside and get faced by an angry mob demanding restitution. You have 5 days to raise 150 gold or will lose your home. This isn't very difficult to achieve but with my first character I screwed up big time exploring and died a couple of times by going places I shouldn't go (as you do). You don't actually die in this, but may get transported elsewhere with some of your belongings gone, and some time passed. I'm not sure if this is a bug or intentional in this early stage of the game, but the 5 in-game days came and went in this manner (i.e it was mostly "dead" time) and nothing seemed to happen to my base. Having raised the cash I was free to follow one of three paths with a view to joining a particular faction, all of which seem to require considerable travel. I was on my merry way south looking for a stash I had been informed about, and I thought I would pop in to a fort along the way. Mistake! I said I was looking for a place to rest and ended up doing hard labour . I quickly found a way out but am reduced to the rags on my back and a pickaxe... Time to roll a new character, now I know how to get the cash fairly easily. The map seems to be bug which contributed to the mess up with Char 1 - it only seemed to work properly once and thereafter was sort of overlaid on the town map. It also features that bizarre mix of voiced and silent dialogue which is so odd - I really prefer all one or the other. And you have to take notes of directions as well (hence the Morrowind reference). Needless to say the carrying capacity is a bastard too.... And river water isn't "fresh"....
  17. I don’t know how many people have noticed a move in the skill tree... Its a move where once you have an enemy in a deathstroke you can do a move where you flip over their head and you can deathstroke them from the back. I looked at this and thought it was the most pointless move ever, if you have the enemy in a deathstroke situation what difference does it make whether it’s the front of back. Well I just got a “ninja skill” upgrade which makes this a borderline essential purchase! Such a freakin cool move!
  18. I decided to soft reset and start over. This rushing in lark with 1 mindsight of aggressive play kind of doesn't work, for me anyway. I spent an age in the undead burg in DS on my first run through, creeping about resting and getting the whole place totally in my mind, and treated the whole game like that. Going back to the start and really seeing if the stealth works and watching the patterns of the mobs. Its actually really well thought out. My previous comments on you can only really get 1 stealth kill is wrong. As long as you're not seen, its possible. I wonder if you become more silent as the game opens up? I'm treating every area as a puzzle observing from up high, picking off enemies and if it all gets too much bailing and then going back. With the combat so lightning fast, I have just presumed that's how it should be played and I don't think it is, I'm having much more success now.
  19. Brilliant, thanks for this. Itching to get back and try it out this evening. Something about From's games that get under your skin and have you desperate to get back into their worlds when you're not playing, knowing full well you're going to get slapped about silly. Very definition of stockholm syndrome.
  20. Hexx

    Destiny 2

    Praise RNGesus! Cursebreaker Obtained!
  21. Oh of course Lady B has a second form because why wouldn't she? I revise my 'this feels do-able' statement for now and will take on the bull instead.
  22. Such a weird question. No, the Spectrum has no games.
  23. These people are usually at boot sales. "These are collectible, it's what they go for on eBay!" Yeah ok.
  24. Fry Crayola

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Adam Idah and Troy Parrott are showing a bit of promise in the youth squads. 18 and 17 respectively, they're both in the U21s and were regular scorers in the ongoing U19 campaign for which Ireland qualified yesterday with a game to spare. Parrott's picked up an injury so won't play against Luxembourg today in Stephen Kenny's first game in chage of the U21 side. But yeah, strikers are badly needed, as are the other creative players who will give them chances. Ireland are suffering from an overreliance on the English clubs to do their development work for them, something that was fine twenty years ago but with the global market that exists now, is just doomed to failure.
  25. feltmonkey

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    Three players with 1000 point armies on one side, and two with 1500 each on the other?
  26. Found a number of shortcuts in Hirata, with one that gave me a prosthetic I've not noticed mentioned here yet. Both found by not being afraid to fall in water.
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