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  2. I can't really get too upset about that. Nintendo are shipping flawed controllers and want to charge you 30 quid a pop to fix each half of the joycon in warranty.
  3. What’s crossplay like? Is it genuinely seamless? Do most people filter out KBM players or is it not as bad as it could be in terms of getting absolutely slaughtered by them?
  4. Any thoughts on ‘Black Friday’ One X deals? My One went kaput (thanks to a clumsy move...) and I figured I may as well hold out and get an X. I’ve seen mention of them probably going down to £300 with one game. I have seen people on Hot UK Deals saying £250 but I think that’s really pushing it.
  5. I’m all for different views, but this is terrible. It’s too Star Wars/it’s not Star Wars enough. It’s boring/goes on to talk about the exciting action. He’s not bad arse enough/immediately goes on to talk about him killing all the dudes in the bar in the first 5 minutes. Loads of stuff like that all the way through. It’s just really contradictory and badly done. Fair enough if you don’t like it, but that review won’t convince anyone it’s shit!
  6. I suspect part of the reason for buying Campo Santo was for the storytelling chops.
  7. Zio

    Nintendo Switch

    Heh, I've gone from playing The Witcher 3 on my PS4 Pro connected to a 4k HDR TV to playing it on the Switch (occasionally on that same TV) simply because it's portable and, despite looking pretty blurry, is still exactly the same game. It is a real shame there's no cross-save though. Would be nice to have the option of loading my save up on either PS4 or PC where I can enjoy the visuals a bit more. But if I can only play it on one system, I choose to do so on the Switch.
  8. I don't think you'll see all Pokemon, sometimes you'll just see movement in the grass, then heading to that spot will have a chance that you'll fight a Pokemon other than the one's you can actually see roaming about. That's how it seems to me at least!
  9. Thanks. I did try and better it last night, optimum is a 2:12, but my god it's tough.
  10. Also apparently there's a mic in the pad.
  11. hub2

    Google Stadia

    For the record, I used the beta and was impressed 80% of the time,10% was laggy/glitchy, 10% was horrifically shit sub 480p. So I'm still optimistic but firmly wait and see when it's free.
  12. Does anyone mind explaining the whole "current recommendations" Pokedex feature works? Or link to something that does? For example in my game today it's recommending Growlithe due to the weather, but if I head to precisely where it says, and the weather is correct, I haven't seen a single Growlithe all day...
  13. There is a point in the plot where you get to choose a colour. You never find any colours, however if you go to a workbench you should just be able to change the colour of your lightsaber anyway at any point in the game (which makes it seem slightly weird when you do it in the plot).
  14. Or counterpoint: They use more than a 30 second IMDB search to make hiring decisions?
  15. I’m on Dathomir and haven’t found a single sabre colour variant.
  16. They’ve absolutely nailed it. It’s glorious.
  17. By the way, I chose cyan as my sabre colour. It's pretty awesome.
  18. Your Bathurst time is a stormer! Can barely get into the 14s let alone a low 13. That said you should definitely concentrate on this TT and not interlagos....
  19. Spent lunch playing Forza and Halo 5 with minimal lag on the fast office connection. Finding it pretty mind blowing that this is possible with no extra hardware.
  20. If they do port it, then every Wii U game I own will be available on Switch in some form and my Wii U purchase will retroactively become a complete waste of money and I don’t want that to happen thanks.
  21. The only thing I missed when playing the PS4 versions was the *Clunk-Clunking* of the GD-Rom drive. Weird I know.
  22. That bit went wrong for me: I reloaded it like 5 times and it kept happening. I think the whole holographic disguise thing was pretty undercooked. The way it works and not being able to charge it - having to pass stupid speech checks repeatedly just felt like it could have been done better.
  23. Had another few goes at Interlagos but all of my gains were in the tenths/hundreds so think i reached my limit on this one. Your Bathurst time is starting to give me nightmares though.. good thing the races are so much fun, they help alleviate the frustration build up from the TT. Going to spent a lot of time in the hills of Monterey. Will try to watch the final World Tour event live this wekend, should be a good one.
  24. This is supposed to be out on Switch today. I say supposed to, because it hasn't landed yet But I can't wait to give it a crack when it does.
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