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  2. I forgot how wonderfully batshit crazy Galaxy is. Incredible.
  3. For anyone still thinking about doing the Live to Game Pass £1 deal, I couldn't really afford the full £120 on 3 12 month codes, so I bought two 12 month subscriptions for £40 and one 6 month for £25 and accepted the auto renewal option each time when redeeming the codes, and then turned it off again straight away, and also turned it off after redeeming the last code before converting for £1. I ended up with 4 months free, 3 for the codes and one for the final £1 upgrade. So that works out at £106 for 34 months, which is £3.12 a month.
  4. Yeah, he’s definitely going for the Ozzy vocals. I listened to both of their albums and they seemed pretty solid. Thanks for the recommendation
  5. Well, there's clearly no problem pre-ordering an S at the moment. I unwittingly pressed the buy button thinking it would crash, but no...apparently my Paypal settings are such that it doesn't bother to go to the website to confirm it, it just places an order :p However, I had no desire to purchase, so I've cancelled, but at least people wanting that version shouldn't have much of a problem getting one!
  6. Ooooh, I'd forgotten this is an evening race. Should spice things up nicely.
  7. Not necessarily. If they can get enough subscribers this might actually earn them more money in the long run. There are more than 100 million PS4's sold while TLOU2 (arguably Sony's biggest hit this year) sold 5 million. Even with a 30% GP subscriber base on those console numbers that could net Microsoft far more on a yearly basis. PCs count as well. Hell, they already have 15 million subscribers. (Of course, the question is how many used the cheapo-GP route, but in the long run it's a healthy number and growing.) They might still do a two-tier system and squeeze more m
  8. Morning chaps! It's the final round of the Championship. All to play for! Practice Time: 18:00 until 20:15 (135 minutes) Qualification Time: 20:15 until 20:30 (15 minutes) Race Time: 20:30 until 21:30 (60 minutes) 18:00 in-game start 1 mandatory pit stop No pit window Pit for a change of tyres AND/OR fuel Conditions 14°C average ambient temperature Changeable conditions If race conditions are torrential when we line up on the grid, a 'red flag' will be called and the s
  9. Unfortunately it doesn't work: a "something went wrong" error of the utterly uninformative variety occurs, which is at least consistent with Tuesday
  10. Come to think of it, having all these AAA games launching on Gamepass is surely running the whole thing at a loss. I could see Gamepass being 2 tier in the future - a price to access newly released titles as well as the full catalogue and a lower price to access the library of titles that have been available for 3 months plus.
  11. If Microsoft made the next Elder Scrolls a timed exclusive free on Gamepass, then made it available to PS5 owners at $60, they'd win subscribers but still keep the fanbase haopy.
  12. Question time - thinking of upgrading my rift s for a quest (since oculus seem to be dropping pc dedicated headsets). So for those with quests who had the oculus rift or s - what sort of performance drop (if any) did you notice when using the quest via link for pc gaming (have a large pc be gaming library which is why I’m still mulling the idea over).
  13. "Nintendo don't count" isn't a particularly strong argument. Everybody is doing something off, somewhere. Why are MS selling games digitally at all? Not everyone will have Game Pass. Surely the first time I spend £50 on a first party digital game with them they should automatically upgrade me to a year's Game Pass because that's the highest value option for me as a consumer? This is capitalism. It's all inherently anti-consumer, it just comes in flavours some of us hate and other flavours we pour down our throats without thinking. FWIW I'm frustr
  14. Oh good! I have a Gigabyte on pre-order... fingers crossed
  15. New details: I like the sound of the Super Reincarnation. Could mix things up well for the post game. https://www.gematsu.com/2020/09/disgaea-6-defiance-of-destiny-first-details-screenshots
  16. Anyone with a Asus 3080 TUF interested in a swap once this FE turns up? Think I’d rather have a card with two HDMI ports than a nicer looking one as I don’t have a windowed case anyway!
  17. Same here and also the same error message as I originally got when trying to process it on Tuesday. I’m enjoying the novelty of it still being in my basket and Microsoft asking me to complete the purchase.
  18. I may well have one in a basket that I can’t access. It did fall down a lot.
  19. another great 'how did he miss that' moment
  20. Gaiares is a recent pick up and one I was after for ages. It's hard to find in good condition for a decent price. A school friend used to have a Japanese copy so it was a game I had nostalgia for from back in the day, so I had to get a copy at some point. Seems crazy it never got a PAL release. Some of my favourites aren't necessarily the most expensive games though. I love Granada, Ranger X, Atomic Runner and Sub Terrainia. I have a soft spot for Final Zone too (although, objectively speaking, it's not that good). Yeah, Alisia Dragoon is great. It gets really har
  21. So... if you’re far enough back on the grid at Brands, you get control of the car before the pit entrance, and if you’re on the ball you can dive in for your stop and have mediums for the entire race... Except they’ve thought of that, and you just auto-drive all the way through without stopping and effectively give yourself a drive-through penalty. I’ve rarely felt so smug and then so stupid in such quick succession...
  22. Nvidia are ending SLI profiles. I know this was a joke comment but I'm just making sure people know SLI is probably over for future games. Devs can still support it themselves via Vulkan and DX12 but Nvidia won't be making SLI profiles for new games.
  23. I read the first three or four issues and dropped it. It was Michael Bay style incoherent nonsense imho.
  24. Yeah, I just got one of those emails but I don't have one in my basket anymore. Think I emptied it after I bagged one from Amazon so no idea what's going on there.
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