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  2. Just a heads up, the 1.12 update has brought the photo mode of the upcoming PC release to the PS4. Kojima spoils us. Now, everybody get cracking with some gorgeous landscapes and action shots (before the PC crowd move in and do it better)
  3. Honestly, this is actually the best game that's been released for such a long time and it's free.
  4. Thanks to those recommending Grand Mountain Adventure earlier in the thread. Wonderful game. Just full of brilliant design decisions. The Rez-style gently quantised notes when passing gates, the “dialogue” with people on the slopes, the different styles of mountains, the speed at which everything happens, the slightly random rewind feature. It’s a pleasure just to ride down a mountain, never mind the well judged challenges. I’ll be quite sad when I knock off those last few goals. I have struggled a bit with staying on grinds and getting high points on the trick challenges but touch screen controls don’t really suit that kind of thing I suppose. Also it’s fairly hungry for power. Plays fine on my iPhone 8 but my iPad Air 2 couldn’t handle it even when I dropped all the settings as low as possible.
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  6. I feel your pain. If you haven’t already, do the other beasts first and get the master sword. Much easier once that’s done.
  7. Pre-ordered this as one of my rare full price, day one games as I devoured doom 2016. Stuck it on and got pretty bad motion sickness, which I didn’t get a hint of in the previous game. Absolutely heart broken, I was really looking forward to it. I can’t even sell it right now. Curse my stupid brain.
  8. I shall never forget the moment I was sitting with my kid outside a restaurant in Saint-Malo, eating dinner on a warm Summer evening while a street band was playing an assortment of popular songs in the background, and all of a sudden they start playing this one in the same arrangement as in the movie:
  9. I did about 80% of the game on master mode with 3 hearts. It's only different at the very beginning. I found it quite cool, especially once off the plateau. You have to legit use Stealth and just ignore some camps altogether, as you won't have gear. Once you've done a few shrines and got some equipment, the game is basically the same tho, other than most enemy groups having higher level mobs as standard. Tldr, the first few hours are a bit trickier (your milage may vary on how fun you find that), but beyond that it's like the standard difficulty with out the lowest level enemies. Shame they didn't do more of the enemy swaps you see on the plateau, I was hoping for surprise lynels in more places Plus it was my first every YouTube let's play, CRINGE!
  10. Reading the review, the writer seemed to have a few problems with the original, and since this is more of the same, I'm not surprised they had similar issues. Noticed that the original review was by a different writer, so I guess it makes sense
  11. Never caught the Stringfish. Not for lack of trying. On the upside, literally my first two casts back on the beach as the clock went past midnight were Nemo (Clownfish) and Dory (surgeonfish). Amazeballs.
  12. Very excited about the arrival of my new second baby daughter last Wednesday... and the Next the day after! I'm already stuck though (wi the Next. The baby is pretty chill so far). I plugged the machine in last week but ran away/switched it off when the video test screen came up and I think that was a mistake cos I fired it up this evening and there's no picture! Is there a way to hard reset the video settings or the whole machine? I'm assuming the video setting is the problem - the hdmi works fine with my PC still and I'm getting a power light on the Next... Any thoughts appreciated!
  13. Oh man. We knew Jimmy was a lost cause and that things were only gonna get worse but the way Kim talked about Jimmy's new client as almost a challenge for him to overcome kind of suggests part of her is drawn to it too. Was cool/awful seeing Gus and Nacho going to work, I just adore that ugly little chicken shack for some reason. A fictional eatery I wish were real, go figure. Howard - Ugh, only 3 episodes left. Edit: Can't believe I forgot to mention Luftwaffles! Surely the greatest sounding place ever!
  14. They gave the initial release an ‘essential’. Bit odd
  15. I wouldn't worry about that, I think since the new content is gated off behind them, you'll have plenty of time. Just sent the calling card to Kamoshida after intending to go to bed a few hours ago. I did like the changes in that palace though. Grabbed the 3 Wild Seeds and got a nice item from those, was fun seeing how they had them in there too. Plus I was dreading the bit of the roof which was a pain in the arse in the original, mainly down to camera and stealth controls but the new tools have made that nice and easy. What difficulty are people on? I started on normal but there was little challenge, so switched to hard. I think the Persona Q games have toughened me up, and making sure you use buffs, debuffs and baton passes makes it manageable on hard. And I am crap at games. Bit worried the first boss will present issues, but can always knock it back to normal if I need to.
  16. I have played on a session with dynamic lighting and it is rubbish... trust your players to RP stuff properly. I dont have many other tips as I dont really use 90% of the free features as is That Alt-L tip is amazing so will be using that what it needs is a way to show height for tokens as the view is overhead - it can be a brainache trying to work out vertical height in battle. Personally I use one of the token values - there are three visible and only two are used in my campaign, ac and hp but I keep the third for height.
  17. Meh


    I really wish E4 had never gotten the rights to air it. They're soooooooooooo farrrrrr behiiiiiiind.
  18. I can't believe this is actually coming out. The remake of my favourite game ever and it looks insane. Sadly its also at a time I have no console to play it on, but I can't wait to hear some im pressions on here when it arrives.
  19. I give up on this thunder ganon twat and his instakill.
  20. Just caught the sturgeon too. Now I can sleep
  21. My pal dropped out before the gas started closing in on the first circle, I had a pistol at that point because I was on the phone, I scrabbled around, picked up a green m4, found a loadout drop, killed a squad near it, got in a truck, drove fully across the map from bottom left to top right, took the highest ground possible round the quarry, and won with 8 kills as a solo on squads. Dropped from above onto the last trio and killed them all for the dub.
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