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  2. From what I can find out the problem might be to do with the pins between the two. The screen connect it like this little nubbles which don't provide as good a contact, pulling it apart and the unit is a bit flakey. Never sits 100% as it should and sort of rolls over that bit, the case does hold it in place but no surprise its dodgy. Not sure what the solution is.
  3. Maybe I’ll sit on it a little before building it then. I have a modded Vita that probably ticks more boxes than the GPi but i do so like the form factor of it.
  4. That could bring it in budget! Will delay the birthday a couple of days
  5. 25%. Not sure on UK price but it advertised on the House House Twitter as $20 at full price, so $15 day one.
  6. I've completed the game now, so I'm just going to respond to some comments from previous posters: You just stomp them when they're down. You don't "curb stomp" them, and it's all cartoony and you don't see anything. There's no gore or blood or anything in the whole game. You also stomp your partner when they die in order to resurrect them! It's also worth noting that there aren't any guns in the game. Well, there's one guy with a gun but he doesn't use it. Or even fight you. There is nothing sexual* in the entire game. And that includes a sauna. A few guys call the girls pretty and ask them on dates and stuff, but Kyoko and Misako always call them gross and slap them down with words and/or fists. * There's a bit at the end where two guys wonder if two girls (not the two main ones) are "around tonight" with a sly wink. That's follows on from the two girls suggesting the same thing with the same level of detail about the two boys previously. That's it. There was literally worse than this on Millie Inbetween on CBBC last week. You don't change clothes at all. You buy clothes, accessories, necklaces (chokers), earrings, makeup, scissors, etc. to equip as stat buffs. Some of these are bras, "tops" and "bottoms". None of them are overtly sexual, and none of them change your appearance at all. There are precisely zero "sexy schoolgirls" in the game, and I saw nothing - violence, language (worst word was "crap") or content - that I wouldn't have wanted my 10 year old daughter to see. In fact, we played the whole game in co-op. She absolutely loved it. I almost thought there was going to be an issue early on - you go through a classroom where they're showing a video about puberty... but it's actually something totally different. And, actually, the gender reversal (and the way the girls tell the end boss how they appreciate the number of women in her criminal organisation), is actually pretty positive.
  7. A fiver I think, £15 on day one.
  8. Oh really? Do we know how much discount yet?
  9. Art Vandelay


    I see a lot of blowback to these stats – i.e. the quality of these shots – but we were torn apart from every direction today, as we have been in most games this season. It’s so difficult to describe what we’re trying to do. It used to be that we’d wilt when shit teams would launch a howitzer bombardment into the box, but now we’re so open and passive that Watford could’ve scored from any number of avenues. I can’t even believe I get so annoyed about it anymore, such is the predictability of it all.
  10. 1) A list of every souls game would be pretty boring. 2) None hit like the first. 3) But still, your right, Bloodborne is by far the best at standing alone. It probably does deserve a mention.
  11. Wait till you get to the bit after that which shows the AI to be utterly incompetent. I did the snatcher bit really easily first time, then you have to escort jack back carrying something explosive that can only take a certain amount of damage. Jack just keeps floating ahead of you into the middle of fights taking damage! He obviously exploded and we all die, for some reason the checkpoint is before the snatcher fight and I’ve now failed to kill the snatcher again 5 times in a row and have just given up.
  12. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4027275/microsoft-account-rewards-regions-and-languages Looks like it should work, may be worth pinging their chat support?
  13. It's not immune to that, I spotted a similar kind of snafu early on back when I covered the demo version in an early Yesterzine. But that's not a unique failing of adventure games.
  14. The mantling in this is fucking garbage. There's a bit early on on Promethea where to get a Bandit Technical for Ellie you have to do some shitty platforming. There's a tiny ledge you have to jump to from a crate. The problem is the mantling only works on the up arc of a jump and even if you do make it you often fall off the other side. Unless I'm missing something obvious and you don't have to jump on the 6 inch wide ledge.
  15. The screen is a little low res for the menus so picking your theme might be an idea but other than that it seems to do everything it's supposed to. When actually playing a game it's great, I've not noticed the lines Lorf has.
  16. Popo

    Nintendo Switch

    Not sure if I should post in here or the eShop thread, but I finished Steamworld Dig 2 today and would like to say that it was a very enjoyable 12 hours of a game with a great (if slightly compulsive) core gameplay loop that didn’t outstay it’s welcome. I wasn’t in love with the visuals at first and found the music to be a bit grating at times, but looking past those things it was a great wee game.
  17. Hmm sort of. There's lines on mine in some areas, like they are flickering. Tried rejigging everything, using the plug and slotting the cart in and out several times but they still come back. Most of the time it's okay but way too distracting in something like Tetris when they appear.
  18. Snap, decided to wait on physical version just in case it doesn't click.
  19. So you folks are happy with the GPI so far? Mine has just arrived but I'm waiting on a pi zero w to arrive. I've installed supreme v1.1 in readiness. I have a GB colour with everdrive so I'm hoping that this gives me a reason to sell those onwards.
  20. I'm going to echo most of this post. I've purchased a vast majority of tales of games that have come out in the west. My first one was Eternia on the psp, then my then gf, now missus got me to play symphonia in two player from start to finish within the first couple of months of dating. After that, tales of became a franchise that we're always giddy for the next release. Vesperia is one of the best jrpg stories of all time, and it's not because of the plot itself, but because of how strong it's cast of characters are. I haven't been excited for a final fantasy in well over a decade.
  21. Not that I’ve played it myself, but Bloodborne is conspicuous by its absence in @LaveDisco‘s rundown of usual suspects there.
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