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  2. mwaawm

    Monochrome games

    Dark Castle looks brilliant. Here's Bolo on the ST
  3. Alexlotl

    Currently playing...

    Also doesn’t have the issue GTA3 had where about one quarter of the map became shoot-on-sight uninhabitable after a story development, making it harder to enjoy just going sandboxing. Plus the music, of course!
  4. El Spatula

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    I found Bloodborne fairly easy to be honest for a Souls like. Certainly easier than any of the Souls games and Sekiro. Just clicked with me quickly. Very few bosses took more than two attempts. Sekiro is odd. Lightning rooftop arrow bastard I found amazingly hard but nothing before him or since then has been a huge roadblock. Except Reservoir Spear Wanker and the two Stabby Shotgun bastards. I also found the blue samurai dickheads exasperatingly hard. The Kanji is weird. Most of the time I dodge the moves rather than try to figure out what's what and counter them.
  5. disperse and recoagulate

    PlayStation Classic

    Can anyone who has played PS1 games on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ (retropie) say how much different the games perform on a PS Classic?
  6. Mawdlin

    Chernobyl (HBO/Sky)

    I like that the dialogue is as brutal and honest as the visuals. Miner: will we be looked after, after this? Government Official: [long pause] I don't know.
  7. merrychan

    SEGA AGES: OutRun

    I have real trouble improving at Outrun, it's only recently a friend of mine informed me that you need to ease off the gas when gear switching, to which I thought 'oh yeah...like in the car' Aside from that not screeching round the corners, hitting stuff and am I right in thinking slip steaming is a thing in this? Any help appreciated, because I love Outrun and have had it on C64, Saturn, 3DS and Switch
  8. Mike1812

    Codemasters Announce GRID | 2008 or 2019?

    VR would be nice
  9. Strafe

    Observation - PC and PS4

    It’s succeeding in making me feel like the world’s thickest AI. Subtitles, which are supposed to be in sync with the audio, are definitely not. I think it’s supposed to come up in time with the audio, like you, the computer, are getting it as it comes in. But it flashes up before the audio finishes
  10. PC Master Race

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Squires on form this week. I know some will like this one.
  11. Dark Soldier

    Observation - PC and PS4

    Yeah was a tad confusing there, took me a good 5/10 minutes.
  12. Flockheart

    Oculus Quest - 21st May - £399 (64GB), £499 (128GB)

    Thanks for the replies, I've just run it again and still seeming to get a few audio glitches, I think a better way to describe them is like the scratches and pops you get when playing a vinyl record. I think I may see if a software update sorts it in the next day or so and if not try and return it.
  13. Man the garden fun sounds amazing. I'm still pretty weary of VR nausea despite owning PSVR since launch and different iterations of GearVR since 2016, some games great, some not so much. Anyway I absolutely loved messing around in the back with a couple of games on GearVR and actually spent a few hot summer evenings on the lounger with beers and snacks watching a few blockbuster 3D films. Lovely way to cool down and catch a film. Can only imagine how fun playing Superhot on a summer evening outside would be, and I imagine it would be great.
  14. Goose

    Pandora Box

    Yes, the Ali Express one. I think I've damaged the cables on the jamma harness during the unplug, so I'll give it a proper look over the weekend.
  15. Strafe

    Observation - PC and PS4

    Fuck that spacewalk bit. Had no idea what I was doing and it took ages.
  16. It’s too dark now. Will have a think about it tomorrow...weather dependent
  17. Ninja Doctor

    PlayStation Classic

    FYI I just tried Autobleem, v0.6 beta 2 on an old 1gb stick and I have to say it works very well. I heartily recommend it for a simple no mod solution. Literally just copy files to a memory stick and away you go. Added bonus in that you can press select+triangle and play with the hidden PCSX settings menu. I prefer to turn the smoothing filter off. Now to procure a larger memory stick (Sandisk cruzer fit 2.0).
  18. Get out there. My garden is pretty small to be honest, but obviously way bigger than any room with furniture in it. The freedom to get around so much of the level with as good as faultless tracking in superhot is revelatory compared to the game on PSVR. I can actually see myself only playing it outside now. Going to bung Star Wars on in the living room when the light finally fades soon.
  19. Escaped

    Gaming things a younger you would never believe

    I'd be quite surprised that mechanics have advanced so little (regressed in cases, even!) since the millennial PC era. I was amazed by progress until then. So it depends on how much younger we're talking for me.
  20. Well, this is a fucking astoundingly good bit of kit. Managed to get a comfy fit using the straps method described above (which the app tells you during setup), and after about an hour wearing it have had no discomfort. The screen is brilliant, really sharp and bright, and way better than my comparatively fuzzier PSVR. FOV was fine too. The inbuilt audio was plenty loud enough for me. IPD slider didn’t feel like it was doing much, so left it in the middle. The home area is fantastic, with intuitive menus. It was all as hassle free and seamless as advertised - a truly next-gen out-of-the-box experience. Only played the intro robot thing (super cute), and the hand tracking is stunning. And then I put on the Beat Saber demo... Fuck me. Never played this before, but just the demo track has utterly blown me away. Played through it again and again, dancing round the room like Jedi kid, pulling moves, striking poses while never worrying about a trailing wire or hitting something, sporting a big grin, all while getting a ridiculous sweat on (definitely need the VRcover wipeable inserts to arrive soon lol). That game is a definite purchase, and will probably help me lose a few stone. Quest is utterly freeing vs the comparative rigmarole of the PSVR. And I cannot fucking wait to try out the other stuff. What an awesome birthday present. 51 my arse!
  21. Well this is bloody good. 3 episodes down and I'm impressed, about to stick another one. So thanks folks for mentioning this in the GoT thread!
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