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  2. Took a couple of goes but I did them this morning... I changed my tactic and made a beeline for the fireball guy as he's the easiest to take out. Yes, I have a summons. Anyway, it took a few tries, but this was my tactic and it worked in the end. Also, this happened...
  3. Certainly for me, I was a little worried for an hour or two post Day 3 that I was losing interest. I think you'll get back into it fairly soon.
  4. DrDisrespect, Ninja and Shroud would all break recent multi-million dollar contracts with their respective platformers to start a new, unproven streaming service in which they have no experience and would cost them millions - millions they'd just lost. Sounds very likely and not at all a little story made up by online teenagers. No idea if Brime is a real thing or not, but come on.
  5. I believe they are going to offer it via a web store at some point.
  6. Weird thing - I played through the whole game and don't think I ever saw an ally alert the enemy. Then I played one early part again in NG+ and D got seen and chased by clickers when I was on the other side of the room. She jumped back up to where we'd entered the area and they lost interest. No idea what triggered that.
  7. Henryk needs some specific things to have happened before you can summon him...
  8. So far PS1 emulation is pretty much perfect. Tekken 3 is the only game I've tried that it seems to struggle with. N64 not so much. I tried Goldeneye but it's unplayable. Other than that I'm not sure, what's the go to title for N64 emulator testing?
  9. I hope you're not planning to buy the Mafia remake. Who knows where you'll end up.
  10. Khabib's father Abdulmanap has died after a battle with COVID. He was 57. Trying to not get angry about things like a certain Irish dickhead calling Khabib a coward for wanting to follow the pandemic rules and not be flying around the world to fucking fight islands when his father was in hospital. Rogan telling his fans wearing masks is for pussys. Dana putting his fighters, the UFC staff and their families at risk to keep the money rolling in. Keyboard warriors giving Rose Namajunas shit for backing out of an event when two of her family had just died from the virus. I don't even know where to start on all the stupid shit Schaub has said. Its all so depressing.
  11. Following the thread I just made about David Koepp putting his movie scripts online - here's some more screenplay news:
  12. Got her. This is the first time I've found scenery or the camera to cause me serious issues in the game. All those pews are very easy to get stuck on and you lose lock on behind the pillars and it can be really tricky to get it back. You can see when I apply lightning and dark to my sword, as soon as I come out from behind the pillar I can't get a lock and it costs me both times. That bit at 1:20 was incredible. As soon as I did that I knew there was absolutely no way I was losing this fight. I then got invaded straight after that and had two Lothric knights and a phantom after me. I would have got that bloody phantom easily if it weren't for the knights. Anyway, I've since popped into the garden of the consumed king and quickly noped it out of there and am now in Lothric Castle staring at two dragons and wondering what on earth I'm meant to do. Probably head back to the garden and try and find a bonfire to start venturing out from. And what the hell is this thing?!:
  13. The list includes most of his Spielberg and DePalma collaborations, as well as the films he directed himself (Secret Window, Stir of Echoes, The Trigger Effect). Some of them are only the final shooting scripts, but some of them also have more than one early draft (and in the case of Panic Room, a 27-page pitch document), which IMO are likely to be more interesting to read and compare to the final movies. I'm not sure how many of these have been circulating for years on script websites, but it's nice to have them available online officially. https://davidkoepp.com/script-archive/ Carlito's Way Death Becomes Her Jurassic Park The Lost World: Jurassic Park Men In Black 3 Mission: Impossible Panic Room The Shadow Snake Eyes Spider--Man (including early drafts from 1999 where Electro is the villain, and still begin with a "based on a treatment by James Cameron" credit. Though the opening voiceover stayed almost the same in the final film!) Spider-Man 2 (when it was still going to be called The Amazing Spider-Man, eight years before another Spidey film used that title. But downloading seems to be blocked on the first of these files.) The Taking of Pelham 123 (the Tony Scott remake) The War of the Worlds Zathura: A Space Adventure And there are a few scripts there that never got made, like Blackwater, Mr Hughes (both DePalma collaborations), The Superconducting Supercollider of Sparkle Creek, Wisconsin... and a potential fourth Indiana Jones film, which apparently was going to be called "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"?
  14. I use Zelonius', top 100 player. Check his videos and his latest 4-2-3-1 guide. Can be quite dull to play at times but it's effective
  15. Whats with these guys? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2152073456 Also, this has just taken a step up in difficulty, the giant knights in this area are bloody hard (not in terms of chipping away at their health, I can kill one in four hits but their reach is incredible!). I hope I'm going the right way. The route that opened up after The Pursuer led to a blacksmith and a dead end, there's another route where I used an item on a woman who'd been petrified but I get swarmed by dudes with poisonous sticks with no where to escape to.
  16. Hmm, don’t think there is anything on there which could even remotely count as spoiler, just an indication of my feelings in response to Stanley.
  17. Not sure on the ins and outs of it but a Twitter account @watchbrime recently teased about a new streaming platform to rival Twitch/mixer, rumoured to be started by some top streamers like Dr Disrespect. Cue me having watchbrime.com open in a tab to try to reserve my username, although the Twitter account insisted it was just a code amen and it wouldn’t be called BRIME. Anyway, just randomly checked the tab - it was previously a default parked domain page - and whoever registered it has now put a message on saying he managed to get the domain and if there was any serious thought or effort being put into this new streaming platform, they’d have planned ahead further than just a Twitter account. It’s here: https://watchbrime.com/ Fun and games. Although there is supposedly another new one in the works called Compose, which is on Twitter too @WatchCompose. Who knows though.
  18. Please tell me this is immediately after Day 3...
  19. I've just seen this thread. Will it be possible to order the mag at a later date?
  20. Not to worry, there is ammo available for all weapons in NG+.
  21. I'm quite far in and honestly I'm loving the narrative. Maybe lateish game spoilers follow? Don't read if you haven't finished the game:
  22. It's certainly ambitious but I don't think it's a narrative slam dunk. Certain character beats are super hamfisted, and I share some scepticism with the lumpy structure. Fair enough it's a 25 hour game, not a film or a TV show, but that doesn't mean you can throw out the rulebook when it comes to pacing and structure. I still loved it, but more for its qualities as a game, in contrast to the original. I don't think it ever quite got to the point of justifying its own existence in narrative terms, for me personally. It doesn't feel like a story that was yearning to be told, rather one that they came up with because commercially everyone yearned for it.
  23. @Tetchy Careful with spoilers please. There's a spoiler thread for that type of detailed discussion.
  24. Thing is, the whole "I'm doing bad things" angle is so absolutely stunningly obvious from the get go that I don't think it's trying to be clever-clever about it. Again, not finished yet though (20 fucking hours in! Hire an editor Druckmann, we're not paying by the hour).
  25. I think I may be in that range on PS4. The only games I bought at launch/retail price were: Gran Turismo Sport The Last Guardian Ace Combat 7 Tetris Effect Astro Bot No Man’s Sky Wipeout Omega ...and I think I would be considered a gamer by most people. With the other games I bought on sale or as cheap digital releases (Polybius, HZD) it would still leave the total at less than 10 in the PS4’s lifespan so far. edit - OK I forgot Rez Infinite and Lumines Remastered.
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