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  2. Played as Sheppo last time so whenever I pick this up I'll be choosing Sheppa this time around.
  3. So the one you download on PS5 is the version not yet released? I found it looking very upscaled, so thought it was running at the old 1080p. Played some online, quite fun, although I find the modes where you just try to crash the other cars a bit boring compared to the more normal racing ones.
  4. Yes you need to get to the boss door for 4 and go up the stairs where you will find the route to 5 without having to do the boss again. Does anyone actually like that dreadbound gun? I find it really inconsistent.
  5. I tripped and fell. Having spent the past month getting a huge amount of enjoyment from Gamepass, and simultaneously being grossed out by Sony's continuing Exciting Game Pricing Decisions, I decided to get a Series X and enjoy, er, slightly better loading times in my games. And also 4K Panzer Dragoon Orta. Looking forward to figuring out how to fit the thing on/around my TV stand!
  6. @DeciderVT Congrats on finishing it I'll see how I get on with the next few bits... This thread is very useful for just offloading my thoughts as I go along (as with my FFVI notes) if I just want to post unedited ramblings without going to the lengths of making a proper "playthrough" thread. Although I'll probably take a short break from updates just so that I can do whatever levelling and item purchasing is necessary...
  7. Only the guy at the far end of the room is a vilehand mini-boss, the other is a standard purple git (aka Interior Ministry Ninja). I think the idea is that you sneak up on Mr Purple near the door and use puppeteer ninjustu to help give you an advantage. But another, much easier tactic is to cheat by backstabbing Mr Purple to death then quickly quitting the game and reloading. You'll load outside the room and Vilehand will not be aggro'd allowing you to get the first stealth deathblow. As for round two, um, I just use standard deflections whilst being sure to dodge around his 3-ste
  8. Here's the thread for the sequel. I know that you posted this there @Calashnikov, but for anyone else wondering why nobody's following this up ...
  9. Thanks for the suggestions, but @Gorf King made a sensible point that it's a generic word as a game title, so best to have a little description. So he suggested what I've put.
  10. As 3 of the 4 European finalists are English clubs this year, maybe they should propose a break-away 'Primo' League where the big 6 compete against 14 invited English clubs to be the Champions of England, with the top 4 going into the following season's play-offs against other elite Euro clubs?
  11. So excited for this. I think Judgement could well be be my favourite RGG game. It's definitely my favourite story.
  12. They're also on what appears to be an annual release schedule, which is amazing given the length of these games and the fact that the quality never seems to drop.
  13. I'm watching the history of Yakuza on YouTube at the moment. I'd say it's from the origin of the studio and those two complete opposites being merged and just pushing to do something fresh and different and not catering to our tastes. That's just my thought
  14. It's definitely true. There are other enemy types in biome 3 that may seem like turrets but they're not.
  15. super league rumblings still going on in the background with Real, Barca and Juve threatening to take legal action against those who signed up then got the wobbles https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/07/sports/soccer/super-league-real-madrid-barcelona.html?referringSource=articleShare state of the finances of those 3 I suspect they are now using either Lionel Hutz or one of those PPI no win no fee lawyers.
  16. Dunno man, the whole series is known to be quite lamentably un-PC.
  17. Agh, no PC version listed in the thing at the end. That's gotta be an oversight, right?
  18. Is the Aeronautica stuff the same scale is Titanicus? Could you use it as scenery/basing elements?
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