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  2. tbf, I only know this because I used 1 of them myself, it being the first way I discovered in and another in a youtube video later
  3. Shoot the scenery if you're blocked. That seems to be a common early stumbling point after the first boss.
  4. A couple the actual gig photos now.
  5. Not read the article but where do you go post-Trump? Trying to write something that won't offend and trigger outrage and lawsuits might be a finer line to tread these days as well. More importantly, they need to go back to making the narrative fit the sandbox rather than the other way round.
  6. Sirloin

    Cricket Thread

    They need wickets and Wiese out early.
  7. There are at least 3 distinct ways to get onto the grounds of that house.
  8. I bought Isak before waiting on an answer, he's not very good. He can run and he can shoot, but he takes forever to take control of the ball and he can't create any space once he has it. My front 3 was Fekir at CAM, Suarez and Depay at ST, I'm not massively enamoured with any of them. I might try Griezmann at CAM, Fekir and Ben Yedder at ST for a bit, I can accomplish that at full chemistry, and it would be much cheaper to boot. 5-3 so far on Champs, I feel like I was only outclassed in one of the losses however, so hopefully with a change of strikers I can push on to 12 wins.
  9. I'm stuck on this I've defeated the first boss but dunno what to do next. I must have missed something
  10. Yeah it's a time travel-y sci-fi mystery really, just with a foreboding atmosphere/soundtrack.
  11. I'll definitely get this, stardew is bloody great and I do like the few shop games I've played. He seems to have a great knack for picking all the best bits of the genre he's doing his version of. Playing story of seasons doraemon edition at the mo and there's still a few things that stardew does better imho. I'm looking forward to this a lot.
  12. Exactly, Claiming he doesn't give a shit about winning the big silver cup is utter bollocks. It's all he's been groomed to do since his old man got fired for being a bit shit. If Max isn't shitting bricks about it, Jos certainly is.
  13. An idea from the Circuit Superstars thread. Could we have AC or ACC hotlap server, with car(s) and/or tracks changing every couple of weeks? I wonder if something like that would be interesting and have lower entry bar or be otherwise more accessible than these weekly races.
  14. Am I right in thinking he's entirely
  15. I think it's meant to be more of a Lost-style mystery box show.
  16. Ah yes, I saw that and it still didn't register. Sorry. Anyway, there's likely to be more information released about it today. It's GTA III's 20th anniversary today.
  17. Swallow

    Cricket Thread

    This will be very tough to defend on this pitch.
  18. I'm imagine it'll be on Disney+ eventually, maybe when the whole season is done. I've been watching this for the first time. Just started season 2. Bloody love Matt Berry.
  19. Pretty competitive for a 2tb drive of the required specs. eg, https://smile.amazon.co.uk/SSD-Samsung-NVMe-PCIe-retail/dp/B08QJHLC8J/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=samsung+980+Pro+2tb&qid=1634902879&sr=8-1 I think qualifies.
  20. Thanks it should have been posted like I done before instead of a link, but thanks for the heads up:)
  21. I saw the trailers for that and thought ... "hmm spooky creepy horror " which is really not my thing. Is it like that or was the trailers lying to me as usual ?
  22. Not the countdown. It lists the release date further down, in the bit below the PEGI icons.
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