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  2. Anyone confirm the release date for this? Official PlayStation YouTube has it listed out today as does other sites however the store says 28th September.
  3. Fabinho signs a new 5 year deal!
  4. To be fair, those games were the simulations of their day, not arcade experiences. Modern day PES is a straightforward evolution of them.
  5. Does anyone k ow what’s going on with the controls ? some of them just plain don’t work. I have an analogue zoom set to LB+ Right stick up and down. If I want LB + Left stick to do the moving around cockpit thing it just doesn’t work. LB + Y I want as instrument view and then dpad to switch between the instrument views….doesn’t work.
  6. Does the magazine also show predictions for National League as well? Be interested (or scared) to see how long my club Southend United are predicted after being relegated to this league. Don't have a good feeling for this upcoming season.
  7. Recent acquisitions: BTW, I recommend Rarewaves.com for Arrow titles. The Bird With The Crystal Plumage cost just under £25 shipped, as they tend to price Arrow titles lower than elsewhere, once they've actually been released and are always running promo codes. You just have to be creative with your email addresses. Waiting on the standard editions of Demons 1 + 2 from them, both under £16 shipped.
  8. My list of Saturn games is now up on Games Radar. Fill your boots. https://www.gamesradar.com/uk/best-saturn-games-all-time/
  9. There’s not a huge amount of new stuff that enthuses for the rest of this year, which is probably for the best as it looks like that’s going to be how long it takes me to beat Isshin in Sekiro.
  10. @Sarlaccfood Cheers for that, but pretty thin gruel as I suspected. I don't think any of the competitors are much better at this point, the Switch seems equally stagnant. Flight Sim is the most exciting game at this point, but not interested in anything else Xbox.
  11. They could do CG markers these days with an instant reaction to the takeoff, no probs! Probably even project them next to the sandpit in real life too. But I have to say, I don't want them to get rid of the take-off board. It adds a whole other level of skill to the event.
  12. I must share the responsibility after buying Katamari in the same sale!
  13. I'm also really interested in the game. I expect a noble failure where the structure doesn't quite work, but I really hope the dev smashes it.
  14. In further Streets of Rage/Bare Knuckle 2 news, I always thought Blaze shouted ''Co Co Pop!" for their towards, towards, attack move
  15. I imagine they’ll be pushing a third-party title as their big Christmas game this year, as I think they’ve pushed all their exclusives out now? Biggest things I’m looking forward to are JETT (which will also be on PS4) and Battlefield (which is multi plat).
  16. It's not available in the UK. SKY have exclusive broadcast rights. Don't expect it here until about 2025.
  17. Is there a way to play that on the Mega SG? Hearing that tune again would be a powerful kick in the nostalgia gland.
  18. art of rally is amazing. If you've never played it, you are in for a treat.
  19. I'm really interested in 12 Minutes but I feel like it's the kind of game there will be no middle ground for. It's so high concept it'll either knock it out of the park or people will be incredibly disappointed.
  20. I assume that doesn’t have a heat sink? Does it need one? If so what would you buy?
  21. Yes, it includes the full version of JP Analysis rather than the truncated version that goes on YouTube. As it happens, you can also listen to him live during the races via the timing screen app. It’s the BBC Radio 5 feed, but it stays with the race the whole time rather than chopping away for updates about whatever else they do on the radio. Admittedly this is also available for free on the BBC website so by itself it’s not a selling point. I’ve taken to watching Sky pictures with BBC audio. Hard to get it quite in sync, though - the audio tends to be at least a few seconds ahead. Between now and Spa I’m going to figure out some way of adding a delay…
  22. I thought they were? About the 20 minute mark in the Mark Cerny thing.
  23. Thank you. If it gives me the Jolyon Palmer stuff that doesn't make it to You Tube, I'll be happy.
  24. They sound rightly annoyed, it’s a huge anti climax. We know how invested and emotional people are over this game so it’s not a surprise that things got vocal. If leadership admitted a couple of weeks ago that things weren't going anywhere and to hold the line until we can withdraw I don't think we'd have had the same WTF reaction we're seeing now.
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