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  2. Every Xbox can be made into a Dev Xbox by buying a (cheap) licence, I think. Then you download more or less whatever you want to it, but it doesn't play retail games until you switch it back. Switching back and forth is more or less a reboot.
  3. Pay Microsoft $20 to enable developer mode. All above board.
  4. I'm dying to get X-Com, but I don't have the space to download it. It's the very definition of 'Perfect for Switch', though.
  5. I haven’t watched the video yet, but I take it you need to hack the Xbox somehow? It’s got to be dodgy as fuck, right?
  6. Activity cards are great. Was minor bored and was scrolling along the Home Screen, see on Spider-Man, you have choices for all your various open world admin bores e.g. raid a Fisk outpost, Collect a Backpack, Carry on main mission etc. And you are there in a flash, anywhere on the map. Very next gen going from deciding what to play next to deciding on what to do next. Let’s see if developers pull their fingers out and implement it on other games.
  7. Well I was being a bit facetious, but currently it'll play PS1 software. PS2 should be available very soon. Who knows what'll happen with PS3 emulation on it, but it is coming on leaps and bounds on the PC.
  8. Pay it forward, I’ve had a horrid year too (understatement of the decade tbh) and could have profiteered on my series x consoles but is rather make someone’s day than be part of the 2020 toilet roll racket mindset. I mean, maybe pay for childcare before you buy a console if we are stopping to personal insight critique....
  9. It's tolerable, I'd say less bad than the ps4 version actually.
  10. I think so. The players need a kick up the arse from someone new.
  11. At the end of the day it’s still in warranty anyway if it turns out to be faulty, so whoever buys won’t be out of pocket.
  12. Psvr looks amazing on this. I know using it on the pro gave the visuals a slight upgrade but not having used a pro I can’t compared but now it’s really sharp. The screen door effect is reduced a lot and it looks much more like looking at a tv screen that through low resolution goggles.
  13. Lennon must be done surely now eh?
  14. My two lads are going to be buzzing on Christmas Day. They’re also getting a Switch Lite apiece as well, the spoilt little bastards!
  15. Night Trap for £2.19... Tempted but I think it's one for a Let's Play instead. Picked up Cosmic Space Heroine. Will probably grab Mr Driller, Lucah (odd Dark-Soulsy top down title) and the neat looking Sin Slayers. The bigger ticket games I'll grab physical and get rid when I'm done with them.
  16. Inbento is a wicked little puzzler for 3 odd quid.
  17. Ah don't worry about it... If Sony had delivered a machine you were happy with in the first place then you wouldn't be in the situation right now. Just get it sold bank the money and wait for Sony to put something out that is worthy of your money The only thing you did wrong perhaps is post about it here.... It's a second hand games console in the end and if people are silly enough to take it off your hands for a bit more than you paid for it so be it. People make a lot more money by far more dodgy practices in this world.....
  18. Damn that was a pretty dry video. Watched it all the way through. Generally seems to be fine and like he says at least there's plenty of buffer left for the fan to go faster if they want to change the fan thermal profiles. I'm pretty convinced we're going to see OG PS5's get louder over time.
  19. SX for me. Although the lack of Halo or another big exclusive is disappointing I am happy with it, super fast and quiet and I have plenty of existing stuff to play. Will pick up a PS5 down the line for exclusives. I really went into last gen blindly at the time and I remember the absolute shit show the Xbox One folder became as the "PS4 owners" kept trolling us poor XB1 early adopters. Feels a lot different this time around. MS have changed the narrative slightly, enough to sway more people it seems. Out of interest was there a forum poll on last gen purchase decisions
  20. Spartan X/kung fu in about an hour when I find energy to set famicom up. I was looking to get Spartan x2....but I'm looking to get an everdrive now (for famicom)
  21. I got it at launch so it may be better now but it looked terrible and was framsey in places it shouldn’t be. The actual gameplay was great though so l would still recommend if it’s your thing.
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