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  2. If gaming solely existed on PC type hardware with OS updates, drivers, fannying round with game patches, needing a keyboard etc etc I'd give up on it totally. Long live the Switch - its the only machine I need or use now.
  3. Nintendo have never sold at a loss.
  4. This currently available to pre-order at CDkeys for £40.69.
  5. Maybe just ditch hardware altogether?
  6. On the whole the benefits of console aren't what they used to be. Console hardware is sold at a loss leader with profit made on the games and in previous generations this gave you a powerful piece of hardware for a fraction of the price of a gaming PC. Today, we have 4K big screen displays in the living room and PC prices have been falling. Meanwhile, from PS3 onwards, launch prices of console hardware have increased. Games have crept up as well, and a launch PS3 at £425 brought with it £50 games. PS4 was £350 but brought us the £60 game and online distribution pushed that higher. For the price of a PS5 and a few games you can get a decent gaming PC to connect to the TV. We have had a few threads here discussing the information overload that's already happening - there's not enough time to play everything so missing out on console exclusives isn't necessarily the big problem it once was because you'll simply be playing something else instead. But on PC there's a world of really, really cheap gaming at your fingertips. Steam and Epic offering free games, Humble Bundles and 'Pay what you like' deals. Online services without monthly subscriptions. New releases being typically £20 less on PC and pricess falling. Then comes the hacking and modding scene. Fan made patches open up a whole new world of stuff, some of which are quite amazing. The HD Resident Evil 4 that came out years before Capcom did it officially for example. The multiple fixes for Deadly Premonition that made the buggy mess into the beat version. Seems to me that the new console generation is at odds with what consoles should be - cheap hardware that is competitive and powerful compared to home computers. Buying a new console will cost a lot of money overall, as you factor in the £50 -£60 games, monthly online subs, and so on. Is PC the way forward now?
  7. Let me know what you think. It is hard, for sure, but I am enjoying it a lot.
  8. https://deadline.com/2020/01/the-simpsons-hank-azaria-says-no-longer-voice-apu-1202834294/ Hank Azaria says he's no longer voicing Apu. Took a while.
  9. Can you do something with 'select color' and slowly move a slider? Sorry for being all vague, I should probably check before posting.
  10. It’s a pretty fun game get it downloaded.
  11. Me and my friend did a mosin run last night. We dropped two PMC in the woods near dorms, who had just dropped another PMC. We walked away with a kitted M4, ak, xr-15 and svd-s between us. Along with a shot ton of loot.
  12. This is me doing the gauntlet trophy, i fluffed up the start (got caught in my own stun grenade) but if you manage the jumps you can still make the time.
  13. Ah! The old game hours / price ratio of value. I used to use that a lot (and still sort of do.) And then I realised some of the games that have had the most impact on me have been short games. And some of the "better value" games were just padded out. Untitled Goose Game is short. I'd argue that it's worth it and a lot of work has gone into -the small but perfect game world -amazing animation -that interactive music which must of been a real pain to implement
  14. Today
  15. The three episodes are going to be on superheroes, British History, and spy films. That's one of a few announcements about BBC film programmes: https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2020/life-cinematic They're getting in on the YouTube video essay game too:
  16. I was instantly reminded of Old Man Murray's Crate Review System. Where a game would be reviewed according to how many seconds it was before you saw a crate. http://www.oldmanmurray.com/features/41.html
  17. It was hit for me. Try and see it in a cinema if you can. The last 20 minutes is not going to work nearly as well on a telly.
  18. Could have put some work into new textures.
  19. Anyone remember this? https://3drealms.com/catalog/kingpin-reloaded_171/
  20. Dutch and Dillon will have beautiful babies.
  21. Tarantino now wants to make Bounty Law, the western show in the movie. He says he's written 5 half-hour episodes and wants to direct them all.
  22. mdn2

    Xbox Game Pass

    Children of Morta seems lovely. Nice narrative and good combat. It seems like a definite Switch purchase next time it's on sale.
  23. It’s bizarre more people didn’t copy Fable 2’s breadcrumb trail. Brilliant design that meant you were actually engaging with the game world around you rather than a tiny mini map.
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