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  2. I think the moral stance of "Cogenitor" is deeply questionable. The more I watch of Enterprise the less I like Archer. Too often his approach to problems seems to allow suffering in the pursuit of the bigger picture. In this episode in particular: TLDR: it's the "wow these people of Gilead are actually really likable and personable and we should definitely be friends with them anyway and not upset them" episode.
  3. Joanne Calderwood will be fighting for the title against Shevchenko at UFC 251 in June. I love Jojo, she seems cool as, but this is one mighty step up.
  4. I've listed things I don't like about the show. I haven't said IT ISN'T TNG OH NO GENE'S VISION HOW COULD THEY. I don't like the writing, I don't like how it's shot, the dialogue is terrible, and many more things. It's not just because it's different to how Trek was 20 years ago. As I said above. It's not just bad trek it's bad sci-fi. You've basically just replied with 'shut up it's a great show'. I know which viewpoint is more constructive. Maybe stick to the other places you speak of if you don't want to hear a negative review?
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  6. Great post, which nails a wider problem with this forum.
  7. And it's done. A bit of a slog in parts but it's not terrible. The music is ace and some of the visual effects are astoundingly clever. I don't particularly want to go back and collect all of the token thingies, so I'm calling it finished. --- Next up on the SNES mini is Chrono Trigger. Yeah, it wasn't one of the included games but it's easy to add to the system and it's emulated perfectly. So, here's the thing. Chrono Trigger is one of my favourite of Square's early RPGs - hell, it's one of my favourites full stop! I've played through it four or five times on various platforms but never the original. I emulated it back in the 90s on an old PC that couldn't run it properly, but I still finished it using a keyboard. I then bought an overpriced import of the PS1 conversion (complete with loading pauses, anime cutscenes and a different intro). I later bought the DS version with all of its changes and additions. I've never actually played the original SNES version, at full speed, on something resembling original hardware. So, now I am! And it's marvellous. I bloody love it all over again. Simple but addictive RPG mechanics with a wickedly fast pace, fun storytelling, original characters and some of the best music from the genre.
  8. If it’s heavy handed police in a Latin country against Rangers, expect a right fucking mess
  9. I REALLY want that huge mini, but I'm absolutely on the bones of my arse at the moment. Will there be other chances down the line to buy one, Joe? Looks like you've got funded this time, which is brilliant news.
  10. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Afterlife with Archie comics still haven't got very far (8 issues over about 5 years). The comics apparently got put on hold while the writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa prioritised working on the Riverdale and Chilling Adventures TV series.
  11. Thanks for posting that. This isn't a dig at you, but that machete order is ridiculous. I think it be best to deal with the elephant in the room, to acknowledge the emporer's new clothes: Star Wars is, and always has been, shite. And in an occurrence that has to be one in a billion, the two people had the most influence in its creation (Lucas and Abrams) have the collective scientific nous of a potato.
  12. 01 - Animal Collective - Centipede Hz 02 - Venetian Snares - Fool The Detector 03 - Fleet Foxes - Helpnessness Blues 04 - Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool 05 - Autechre - L-event 06 - Sufjan Stevens - The Age of Adz 07 - Radiohead - The King Of Limbs 08 - Sufjan Stevens - Carrie and Lowell 09 - Bjork - Vulnicura 10 - Fuck Buttons - Slow Focus 11 - Venetian Snares - My So Called Life 12 - Beck - Morning Phase 13 - Death Grips - Money Store 14 - Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper 15 - Autechre - Exai 16 - The Go Team - Rolling Blackouts 17 - Goat - World Music 18 - Swans - To Be Kind 19 - The Voidz - Tyranny 20 - Sleaford Mods - Key Markets
  13. Can’t wait to see what the Rangers make of the Braga police. They were horrible when I was there. Off to Barcelona next week for the away leg, should just be a party now!
  14. May have to sell my switch due to financial issues, what do you think is an acceptable price for: Switch boxed like new with all cables and dock Screen protector on screen Spare screen protector SanDisk 128gb card Official carry case Starling boxed Axiom Verge Special edition NBA 2K17 Wondering if it's possible to sell the account linked to it as I have about 60 games downloaded as well, don't know if I could do that though.
  15. No one cares that you think each episode is terrible. You told us all last week and couldn't wait to rush to the thread this week to tell us all again. Save your self the bother next week. Moaning about how it’s not exactly what you think it should be. If you want TNG then Netflix has the lot. This is something different. Picard has spent the best part of a decade and a half sat in his vineyard, he isn’t the character we remember. Things change, and pissing and moaning about that isn’t going to make any difference. I couldn't stand Discovery, so I stopped watching and strangely enough didnt bother to shit up the thread each week.
  16. Shows what I know: I just won a solo match!
  17. Perhaps @PC Master Race you should engage in discussion instead of dismissiing people. or at least tell us why you think its good? When in my oppinion its clearly a bag of knackers with a pale immitation of captain picard in it. Take picard out, and you've got absolutley nothing of worth. Even the Picard we do have is, and it breaks my heart to say it, rubbish.
  18. Can anyone who has the Satisfye grip recommend an extra-wide travel case that fits the console in the grip? There only seems to be one available from Amazon that's made by Satisfye themselves but it's over £50 and has to be imported.
  19. The latest episode majors on a terrible comedian and a halo of shit surrounding the ship. You’re just making it too easy for us now, Armando...
  20. boo-de-hoo it's not exactly what I want from star trek. Perhaps you should just give up and spare us all the weekly moaning. I'm glad there are a few other places to talk about this, because fucking hell it's tedious having the same people pop up each week to say how this episode is the worst thing ever.
  21. Just started an episode of Enterprise where I recognised Andreas Katsulas' voice almost immediately. Then I got sad
  22. Apologies I had assumed it wasn't - my knowledge on that one is very sketchy as , like many, I never got to play it.
  23. Pretty sure 3000 was Atari licensed.
  24. Sorry but I thought it was the worst episode yet. I still really want to like this show but dear God... I'm trying to forget that it's supposed to be Star Trek, because it's definitely not Star Trek. I'm just not sure whether it's even particularly good sci-fi. Glad others are enjoying it but the only solace I can find at the moment is it isn't Discovery.
  25. They're showing 35 mil of Howl's Moving Castle next month at the Abbeydale Picture House in Sheffield, which is just as charming a venue as it sounds but 50% colder (there's no heating). My question is - would a very mature for her age 2.75 year old be okay watching it? And are there any Ghibli anyone would recommend for a 2.75 year old (who's very mature for her age)? That's two questions isn't it? But I really want to give my daughter more media options than Disney and Peppa Pig... Although I actually quite like Peppa Pig. John Sparkes ftw.
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