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  2. Q is 100% going to turn up isnt he. His whole purpose in life is to torment Picard.
  3. Some old cast will appear. Frakes and Spiner aren't really surprising. But we'll also see Jeri Ryan and, even more surprisingly, Jonathan Del Arco, who played the Borg, Hugh.
  4. I saw a clip for the 2nd series when Bob was on Top Gear a few weeks ago. In the clip Paul & Bob were playing golf, and watching it, I thought they had gone for a different pastime for the new series (it was hilarious, they were both hopeless and were falling over laughing at each others attempts at teeing off). Must have just been a diversion from the fishing in one episode though, but damn, I would be well up for watching a full series of them playing golf, instead of fishing. Still more than happy for them to continue with the fishing and cooking and arseing about though. First series was slow TV at its finest.
  5. Cheers for that, this will be my first so good to know what’s going on. Apart from the direct sequels are the stories standalone across games?
  6. They've announced some details. I can't say I'm familiar with regular voice actors other than a few exceptions, so I don't know this cast or if they are regular on other shows.
  7. Escape Plan: The Extractors (2019) A Chinese billionaire's daughter is kidnapped and held in an Easter Bloc prison. It's up to a crack team led by Sly Stallone to get her out. The first Escape Plan was good fun, the second utterly woeful, so hopes weren't high for this, and whilst it is far from a classic it isn't quite so bad. Storywise it's a pretty slack affair, high-status person loses something they care about, the stakes are high, no attempt made to deviate from the norm, in fact they take so long setting up the ultra-flimsy premise you're sat there thinking just get on with it already. The baddies gloat over their captives, the goodies tool up and get tough, but ultimately there's not much else going on. Granted the hand-to-hand is pretty slick and well-shot. In fact I'd say it's easily the best thing about the whole production. Dave Bautista adds a bit of tough-guy flavour but apart from giving someone a good beating and engaging in some CGI gun fighting he isn't well integrated into the story. Sly does what Sly does these days and gives an adequate performance, saving it mainly for the frankly rather anti-climactic finale. At least he's in this for more than a token appearance unlike the second. This film has some of the worst CGI fire out there, one scene has someone burning the plastic cable ties around their hands - worth it to see just how awful it looks. The Chinese money is highly evident here too, with prominent Chinese characters and, I'd estimate, a good 50% Chinese dialogue. At the end of the day the best thing I can say about this is it wasn't as bad as the second, but lacked the novelty and action-daftness of the first by a long way, leaving us with a generic, unsatisfying lack-of-action film.
  8. They're doing another batch of Short Treks. The previous ones were from Discovery, but these are a bit of a mix. 6 episodes. 3 on the Discovery version of Enterprise. One giving some background 15 years before the Picard show. And 2 animated ones. And there will be Tribbles.
  9. I missed it, so watched it on youtube. I love the fact that it looked so close to the creature its copied from.
  10. I think you will have better luck.
  11. Maybe. He's never been a GC contender in a grand tour before as far as I recall. Itv highlights saying that this performance would have been unimaginable before the tour. I hope I'm wrong, but it's hard not to be a bit sceptical given the sport's history.
  12. Irons is great casting as an old Viedt. Wonder if Crudup is returning as Manhattan? Say what you want about the Snyder film, the casting was excellent.
  13. You guys are pretty much convincing me to go ultimate pack...
  14. I should really give the original another watch. I might appreciate it more these days.
  15. I definitely rolled my eyes when I heard they were doing another one - when I lived in the States in the late 90s it was on TV three times a day every day. But this trailer has hooked me straight back in
  16. This is a sequel and nothing to do with Before Watchmen. Though that Hooded Justice scene that opened the trailer is clearly a flashback. Oh and that trailer is pretty fucking good.
  17. I’m happy we’re getting more Myers, but although 2018’s effort was OK they’ve really painted themselves into a corner retconning his capture in 1978. Michael is in his 60s, and after the events of the last film now has most of his left hand missing, serious burns, and a rifle shot to the face, to go with his gammy eye and bullet wounds from 1978. I would much rather they had said he got away at the end of Halloween 78, rather than being incarcerated for the last 40 years. Then we could have had plenty of ‘in his prime’ Myers films, with him popping up randomly in the intervening years between 1978 and the 2018 reunion with Laurie Strode.
  18. Love this (different version) from the fight I've just done Pity a the YouTube versions of it are tied to gameplay.
  19. I think part of the reason this works for me is because I don't have a crazy affinity for the original. It's just a fun bit of kitsch. Therefore this can't really offend me. It can only be a slightly silly guilty delight.
  20. When I'm back in this on VR, I'm gonna make the trip. I know we don't have Mukhang, but are we still big in Basuseku?
  21. As long as they don’t fuck it up (of course they’re going to fuck it up), seeing the ships and tech available that far into the future could be interesting.
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